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Re: The best show you ever saw ?

#9659 3 years ago
grateful dead..vancouver..'73...
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Re: The best show you ever saw ?

#9662 3 years ago
10/11/ & 10/12 1984 Augusta, Maine

Listen to this one and check out the Morning Dew
Philzone Phan
spring mountain high
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Re: The best show you ever saw ?

#9682 3 years ago
ok, i'll play

toss up between:
7/7/89-on fire from start to end
10/16/89-nightfall of diamonds, 2nd set mindmelter
3/29/90-branford, nuff said
4/28/91-santana, sinatra space

9/6/89-JGB...my first JGB show...blew my mind...was more keen on JGB than GD after this show
12/8-9/91-JG/DG on the floor at the warfield...like having these guys playing in your living room

honorable mentions:
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Re: The best show you ever saw ?

#9693 3 years ago
i didnt mean to post, i made a boo boo,
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Re: The best show you ever saw ?

#9767 3 years ago
Honestly, I could not pick a favorite. Every show had some special meaning for me at that exact time in my life, and they all are
very dear memories. "All the years combine. They melt into a dream".
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Re: The best show you ever saw ?

#9777 3 years ago
State Fairgrounds Lewiston Maine. The Maine Music Festival 9-6-1980.
Rochestor War Memorial Auditorium 11-5-1977
Beacon Theatre 6-15-1976

Just a few off the top of my head. Maybe Buffalo 11-9-1979.
Or just anytime Phil was dropping bombs
Daisy Mae
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Re: The best show you ever saw ?

#9871 3 years ago
I have enjoyed all the Furthur shows (and Ratdog and Phil & Friends and The Dead, and Bobby and the Waybacks...) I've caught but I've particularly enjoyed 12-30-2010,( and also 12-30-2009) and on 9-19-2009, during I Know You Rider I knew this band was going to be really great. Special shout out to Bobby at the Spencer Dryden Benefit at Slim's , sitting in with so many of my favorites. That was really special. Phil & Friends at Fort Mason also really special. It's a good world.
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Re: The best show you ever saw ?

#9909 3 years ago
Colorado Greg wrote:
Okie wrote:
3-24-93 Chapel Hill, NC.

It was my best friends 21st birthday. We had an absolute blast and the show was awesome!

I know the guy who worked the board patch from Healy, love the soundboards!

When did Heally stop running the sound??
cut his buddy down
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Re: The best show you ever saw ?

#9937 3 years ago
The Stones at the Double Door in Chicago, a bar with 500 capacity. That has to be my favorite show ever.

My favorite Dead show might be from 88 at the first Capital Center show in Maryland. They busted out Ripple for the first time in a while. The place was electric.

JGB at Poplar Creek in 89 with Clarence Clemons was also memorable.
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Re: The best show you ever saw ?

#9941 3 years ago
Lafoo wrote:
Hampton VA 3/27/88 Incredible!!
Richmond VA '85 Outstanding
Nassau Coliseum '90 w/Branford Marsalis
Henry Kaiser Oakland CA in the late 80's were all fun as well as the Greek & Frost shows

That Hampton show was spectacular... as was that Nassau show!!! Always loved when Branford showed up- such an exquisite conversation between that sax & guitar. Branford actually came to the Middle school I used to teach at to play with the kids in Jazz band one afternoon. I did an art lesson with a Jazz component which served as the backdrop on the stage- I kept asking the kids who played in the jazz band if they knew what a big deal it was that he was coming, but being 12, not sure if they got it- but I did ;o) I told him afterwards how much the deadheads appreciated his playing with the Grateful Dead. Cool guy.
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Re: The best show you ever saw ?

#9993 3 years ago
trying to think of the best show is very hard, whether GD or non GD. but one of my favorite GD shows is

Madison Square Garden, New York, NY (9/16/91)

Feel Like a Stranger
New Minglewood Blues
It Must Have Been the Roses
Dire Wolf
Queen Jane Approximately
West L.A. Fadeaway
Music Never Stopped
Don't Ease Me In

Mississippi Half-Step
Saint of Circumstance
Comes a Time
Uncle John's Band
Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad
Attics of My Life
Good Lovin'

Johnny B. Goode

...Jerry just takes over the 2nd set and leaves Bobby with just 2 tunes
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