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Re: Any Words of Wisdom on Smartphones?

#93580 2 years, 10 months ago
SunshineSue wrote:
Tmglf2 wrote:
I have an iPhone and absolutely love it. Archive.org app allows you th play any band you have in iTunes library to be played without downloading so you have all of archive . Org playable on phone. Itour.furthur app is reason enough. You'll love it too.

Wow! Now that's the first thing that made me want to think about an iphone. Anyone know if there's an equivalent capability for a droid?

And may I say that you people are wonderful- this is SO incredibly helpful!!!!

There's a GDRadio app for the iPhone and an app called iTour.furthur that updates info for each tour!!!

Also: Dead Quotes, DeadHead of the Class, Weir's World, Dead Heads+ & Shakedown Stream podcast a weekly 5 hr program that features a complete dead show each week.
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