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Re: Comes A Time

#104349 2 years, 9 months ago
83msg1sttyme wrote:
this summer at bethel they did a great version of it

It just popped up via twitter.....Takes my breath away every freakin time.

FFF! Family is Forever!!!

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Re: Comes A Time

#104379 2 years, 9 months ago
scar1et_f1re wrote:
83msg1sttyme wrote:
this summer at bethel they did a great version of it

It just popped up via twitter.....Takes my breath away every freakin time.

Was there, a nice version with Sunshine taking some chances. Could Bobby pick a different tune to put in eye drops?
will work for doses
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Re: Comes A Time

#104452 2 years, 9 months ago
[quote="Walk in the Sunshine" post=93537]Slewfoot wrote:
FurthurFlower67 wrote:
I have a dicks picks Richmond 85 with He's Gone > Spoonful > Comes a Time. I can't get enough of that little section. One night I spent the whole night trying to come down listening to that on repeat I just thought it was the greatest thing! lol

It is one of the greatest 2nd sets of the 80's.

I was at Richmond and Hershey. I believe I told my Hershey story here this summer so I'll give ya my Richmond one. After making our way up from the Halloween Sc show we were soaring along nicely. It was GA floor..My tour buddy and I made our way up to our usual spot about 15-20 ft in front of Jerry a lil to the center. We are in our usual 85 form ( Giant bus & livin on reds vitamin c.... ). Show starts Dancin and we're off.... cold rain, rooster...and THEN this idiotic girl breaks a glow stick right in front of me and it shoots directly into my eyes and all over me. Thank god I had my glasses on (I've had lasik since I don't miss em for a minute) so they somewhat blocked the flow but imagine gettin shampoo in both eyes and are unable to wash it out. It was BURNING. So I say fuck it gotta wash this shit out.. my budy joins me we RUN backwards and up the side of the coliseaum to the mens room where I wash my eyes out and slowly get my shit back together. I can Hear Me & My Uncle playin. I am PISSED. I tell my buddy we are goin right back to our spot and I am gonna rip that chick a new one .... I was takin no prisoners... we headed back down and I made my way through the crowd ..NOONE was gonna stop me. We got back to our "spot" about 2/3 of the way through big river... believe me no easy feat.. I berated the chick to the point she moved ( I am not proud of it I would have handled it differently now but in that state of mind no idiot was going to ruin my show!)....anyway I still take partial credit (haha)for the greatness of that show. 2/3 of my face and shirt were GLOWING for the rest of the night... and I was right in there sightlines ending up about 10 ft away (3rd row or so if their were seats) by the time the second set started. This is easily in my top 3 shows ever attended..the energy was through the roof. Gloria is one of my all time faves and I swear the crowd was levitating during it. Besides the CAT Sailor>Drums>Space>Saint YOWZA!!!!!!!! I was singing Spoonful for the next month. it was a High Time indeed!

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While I didn't make Richmond, I will concur that '85 was a very good year. As far as memorable versions of Comes A Time, 6/14/85, first time played in 5 years. A big weekend of shows with several returns to the line up (i.e. Cryptical, CAT, Walking Blues and Stagger Lee) and of course it being the 20th anniversary. A highly recommended show.

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