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Dire Wolf
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when the police knocked y'all...

Just Like A Swiss Watch.

#91690 2 years, 11 months ago
Lots of people have been posting about the first Furthur shows recently. They are excellent in their own right and though they are with a different group of backing musicians the shows speak for themselves. Now that New Years Eve is right around the corner we could all use some dead reckoning to stay on course for the new year!

First Night: www.archive.org/details/furthur2009-09-1...101687.102426.flac16
Second Night: www.archive.org/details/furthur2009-09-1...rsaint.104960.flac16
Third Night: www.archive.org/details/furthur2009-09-2...102048.102451.flac16

There are also excellent downloadable tapes of these shows available on archive.org in case you want them for the bus or car.
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Re: Just Like A Swiss Watch.

#91711 2 years, 11 months ago
Nice, Thanks for posting this and providing the links. That opening Bob and Phil Jam definitely started a new post-Jerry era.

Brings me back to the time when I first heard about this new line-up. I think I was surfing the usual dead related sites and a came across this FURTHUR page. Bob Weir, Phil lesh, Jay Lane and Jeff Chimenti from Ratdog, a few others I had never heard of, and John Kadlecik. I was shocked...John Kadlecik?? The guy from DSO?? It made perfect sense but I was almost in disbelief about it.
And of course I noticed, no Billy or Mickey. Definitely an interesting new line up, Bob and Phil were definitely looking for a change of pace when they put this band together.

Was anyone here at these original shows?
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Re: Just Like A Swiss Watch.

#91815 2 years, 11 months ago
SO WEIRD! I was listening to the very first show earlier today!!! Great minds think alike
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