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Re: Tragedy in FL

#9190 3 years, 6 months ago
Cornjulio - wow man... just wow.

the tragedy lies in the fact that people aren't being kind to one another. "What I want to know is are you kind?"

I understand your situation and the guy being a dick, but you also spread negative energy after letting it build up. Of course situations are reactionary & you didn't want to have a confrontation, it just sucks that he lead you to that. What an idiot (he was). Not even saying I would've done different, it just sucks

As for OP's problem - I had similar experiences (but without children as I have none) in Hampton & Charleston. Some people think their seats don't mean anything and they're entitled to be where they want. Yet they want to go grab a beer or disgusting venue food or come back right at the climax or favorite part of a song instead of politely waiting until the song is over (like most do at most ALL musical events).

There are seat-borrows who gladly return them with a smile and "thanks", and just rude idiots ignorant of show ethics who talk during songs they either don't know or "can't dance to" - sounds like personal problems to me - take that shit outside in the lobby.

Please take your kids. My parents first took me in 94' when I was 6 myself (I don't believe in coincidence) & sure I got stepped on & sure we left early, but I've never looked back. Hell I still get stepped on. I don't leave early now though so keep it up & they'll surely come around in a circle
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Re: Tragedy in FL

#9197 3 years, 6 months ago

Yup...the second elbow to the ribs took the cake, especially when I was very polite, and others around him asked him to chill.

The world has always had the might makes righters. Sometimes, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. In the Beacon, at least pre Dolan, they never checked tickets to go up top, so I wasn't worried he wouldn't be able to hear the show. I think the real irony is this happened during Comfortably Numb, I talked with him as Best Feeling started and escorted him out. My energy was a little weird, though my son was sorta oblivious as my gf's sister kept him distracted. Then they went into So What. Perfect! I was back having a blast.

Good call btw on the seat borrowers, and I absolutely understand your point about key moments. I'm the same way...I'm the guy that can't turn the music off until the song ends.
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Re: Tragedy in FL

#9201 3 years, 6 months ago
I love how the music directly acknowledges what's going on!!! in Chicago (Nov) Furthur was in 'Lost Sailor' when this annoying woman in front of us was working her way back to her seat. Ahh synchronicity is awesome.

Cool brother well I hope to see you & your family at a show soon!
", two eagles hang against a cloud."
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Re: Tragedy in FL

#9218 3 years, 6 months ago
Broomfield Neil wrote:
Tragedy? Maybe unfortunate would be a better word. I understand and respect parents wanting to bring their kids to shows but in my opinion a Furthur show is no place to bring a 2 and a 6 year old. Sorry the wook ruined your bonding time!

Def no place for anyone that age. Even if the volume is not crazy loud it prob still to loud for a kid. Anyway this is neither here nor there, different strokes for different folks, I'm not here to tell people what to do but that is annoying what happened to the OP.

Anyway In NYC there was a certain dancer on 3-15-11 that was being really annoying. I don't mind anyone dancing and having a good time but please don't get all up peoples space and business and try and dance on them, really not cool esp when you a roaming around the entire floor. We all kinda had our space and this jerk was going in front of people and causing a ruckus. I'm sure there are people on here who know who I'm talking about if they were on the floor at Best Buy this night and maybe other nights too.
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Re: Tragedy in FL

#9219 3 years, 6 months ago
Sad sad sad. My dad got me listening to the Dead (and The Beatles, Stones, Airplane, QMS, Janis / Big Brother, Dylan) growing up and I think it is VERY cool that someone would want to expose their little ones to something other than corporate sponsored pop music. My Uncle was cool enough to take me to my first show in '85, and the first thing that surprised my 15 year old self was the variety of ages. Honestly up until that day I thought only people in their 30's or 40's (seemed older at the time!) would be at the show. Hey I know kids who went to shows in the womb! What do we term that, pre born dead heads? Like my grandfather used to always tell me, there has got to be a rotten apple in every barrel. Hope next time that rotten apple isn't in your vicinity. One thought...just glad this tragedy didn't involve anyone losing their stuff on psychedelics!
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Re: Tragedy in FL

#9221 3 years, 6 months ago
Drunk people don't belong at shows. We take our kids to as many shows as our finances will allow. Front row for the Grateful Dead even before they were born. We just took our youngest to 5 Furthur shows. He loved every show and wanted to go for more. We even took his friends to Boston, New York and Wallyworld and Philly too. Just continue to take your kids, screw the drunk bullies. Teach your children the truth. Don't be a hippycrite. The family that plays together stays together.
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Re: Tragedy in FL

#9231 3 years, 6 months ago
what happened in pittsburgh was a tragedy you and your kids were inconvenienced. " My 6 year old step daughter was on my partner's shoulders, my 2 year old son on mine" this wasnt very considerate of your fellows concertgoers who cant see now,why do people with kids expect everybody to alter their behaviot because you brought your kids to an adult setting.
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Re: Tragedy in FL

#9233 3 years, 6 months ago
auggiedoggie wrote:
I was lucky enough to be able to bring my son and step daughter to Orlando for their spring break to see the Furthur show. They busted out the best setlist I have heard yet... Due to too much TV at her mom's house, My step daughter generally much prefers iCarly or Taylor Swift to any sort of Grateful Dead music. ..So my partner and I were really excited to have the opportunity to show her some great music and some happy people just being themselves. The evening started out good, with many people going out of their way to be nice to the kids and give them glow sticks to play with. Half way through the second set, Some fellow whose enthusiastic spinning and dancing was attracting the attention of the security decided that my family needed to leave. My 6 year old step daughter was on my partner's shoulders, my 2 year old son on mine. I assume the security told the dancer he needed to cool it because there were little kid's around, so he kept getting in my partner's face (with our kid on his shoulders) demanding that we leave because security was going to kick him out. The third time it happened my partner got angry and told him to show some respect and leave us alone. At that point a few members of the crowd stepped in and told the mad dancer to back off, but unfortunately the damage was done. Our daughter felt unwelcome and even threatened because of this dude, and wanted to leave. People like that embarrass all of us dead fans. All we wanted to do was to take our family to stand in the light for a while, and even though most people show lots of love, our job of trying to enlighten our daughter has become even harder than it needs to be.

Did you maybe thing to respect the dudes dancing space and to take your kids to a more kid friendly part of the arena? That dude was probly having the time of his life dancing at a show and the only reason the security was prolly lokin at him was cuz you had your kid on your shoulder where everyone s dancing and spun out. thats not a good decision righ there to be honest.

I hate when im at a show dancing and having the time of my life after driving 25-30 hours to a show. And then there hapens to be a couple "salty" people who say stuff like "quit down now" " can you not step on my 20x20 blanket that ive set across the arena floor to mark my space" even tho they paid 50 bucks just like everyone else. I actually enjoy pissing people like that off

and to be honest i have been in the same position where i was really getting down in Chicago last year at furthur and out of nowhere there ladies brought there kids next to me becuase the kids said i looked like i was havin alot of fun and they wanted to join.... I said hey come and join the party.... everyday!
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Re: Tragedy in FL

#9235 3 years, 6 months ago
Few quick thoughts:

* A tragedy is Pittsburgh. This isn't Pittsburgh.
* Was Orlando GA or assigned seats? Nothing worse than people who claim they paid the same price as you to take up the space you occupy.... even though they paid for a different area to enjoy themselves in.
* In general, GA is a real shame these days. Everyone believes the spot right in front of (insert band member who they are just the NUMBER ONE FAN OF OMG! here) is theirs, which enables them to add to the crush of people pushing towards the front of the GA area... Gotta love people trying to get by you, when you're pressed up against the crowd already, because, well, "my girlfriend is up there, man!" or "my friends have spots for us..."

Doesn't look like there are any spots left in the sea of humanity in front of me, brah, but sure, let's go for it!


Common sense isn't so common.

That's all... carry on. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.
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Re: Tragedy in FL

#9236 3 years, 6 months ago
Sounds like an unfortunate situation for both parties involved. And that's too bad.
However, after returning home from Pittsburgh, and what happened there, I have to say, titling this thread with " tragedy " seems a bit strong. I opened this thread very learily, really hoping another " tragedy " hadn't occured.
Thank goodness it didn't.
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