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Re: Drug test?

#91918 2 years, 10 months ago
wlewis wrote:
alright, i hate to do it, but mr. know it all has something to add

everything you've just read, disregard it. it's been skewed and mixed with random facts and myths.

fact: drinking water at any point before the day of the test is pointless. THC is FAT soluble, not water soluble, it's not going to do shit to get THC out of your system. it will just cause you pain and discomfort. if you're going to d ilute, you wake up early take a piss and drink water all day long just keep refilling the bottle. you keep pissing so by the time you tox it's like your 5th-7th piss of the day. never use the beginning of your stream, let it flow for 2 second and then grab a sample. you're also going to want to color the urine as some labs will reject based on color. vitamin b12 will d o you fine

30 days is not true for shit. if you d on't use pot frequently, you are clean within 24-48 hours max. it doesn't build up it goes right through you.

you're fine dude. you don't have to do anything out of the ordinary. i t's good you work out because like i said THC is fat soluble, when you burn the fat you burn the THC. only thing is if you regularly use, you don't want to work out for 3-5 days before hand, otherwise you'll be pushing everything out.

i could really go on and on for theoretic situations but there's no need. i'm only sharing this information with you because i spent 5 years in the system getting tested 1-2 a week, piss and saliva. i know what works, and unfortunately i also know what doesn't. but i never let that get in the way of my lifestyle.

I have considerable experience with this, both as a professional in healthcare as well as some views from the other side.......
Wlewis more or less sums it up. It is however a stressful thing to deal with, hence my own intake is down to zero these days.........broke my fast tho second night of Eugene!!!

Best to you

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Re: Drug test?

#92137 2 years, 10 months ago
good luck man, I hope you get the job.
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Re: Drug test?

#92178 2 years, 10 months ago
Really depends on the type of test they are gonna run. Most strip tests are beatable but not alaways because the test is for by products. If there using mass spectrum, not gonna beat that one its like 97% accurate. But it costs like 100.00 dolars nowdays so most companies dont want to spend that on a list of possible employees. Best thing to do if your not sure is to give them someones who is clean. You get like a seven degree window for the tempature. Dosent hurt to hold your thumb on the temp strip of it also. Do not use lighter or anything with flame. Too much water will make the test invalid. Also there are creative was to keep the sample warm that most would find disgusting but if its worth it to get the job then you gotta do what ya gotta do. Good luck
p.s. they can also tell if urine came from female or male.
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Re: Drug test?

#92302 2 years, 10 months ago
i used synthetic and it worked! but temprature is very important.follow directions on time in microwave and i wore jockstrap over underware to put package between.synthetic comes w a hand warmer and temp gauge on bottle.Dont spill any because they give you just enough to make it to minimum fill line. good luck!
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Re: Drug test?

#92311 2 years, 10 months ago
Careful drinking too much water, if the urine is over-diluted it raises a red flag and they'll make you re-test. Now onto my soap box - pre-employment drug testing is bullshit. They have no business knowing what you do outside of work. Plus passing or not passing a drug test doesn't prove anything. Just because you passed doesn't mean you don't use drugs, and just because you didn't pass doesn't mean you do drugs while on the job. Of course all the drug tests in the world won't show if you are a full blown alcoholic, alcohol presents just as many problems on the job as drugs do if not more. It's all bullshit. Finally, you ONLY smoke 2 times in a month?? Shit if I only smoked twice in one day it would be a miracle! Good luck man, I feel for ya!
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Re: Drug test?

#93029 2 years, 10 months ago
So how did it go, pisser?
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Re: Drug test?

#93039 2 years, 10 months ago
Terrapin Sedation wrote:
So how did it go, pisser?

Curious too....that said there's alot of good info here. But I do want to correct something. It is correct that THC is fat soluble not water soluble.. BUT your body naturally breaks down fat... in essence bleeding it into your system. This is why if you go on a diet you lose weight, excercise lose more weight. Don't eat at all get skinny. So if you have any advance warning drinking water & excercising up till the day of the test helps to clean out your system. The water depletes your vitamins hence the need for multivitamins. Important as noted above and in concert with what I just said.. do not give them the first pee of your day or the first second or 2 of your pee...because the burning fat that holds the THC builds up overnight and since your last pee. I did the tea too yrs ago. Still not one failure... and especially yrs ago I was a super heavy smoker. Drinking a glass or 2 of water in the morning and gettin a pee out also is advised.
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Re: Drug test?

#93041 2 years, 10 months ago
Agree, Wits, lots of good info.

That's why I've started my new business "Pees' of Mind" a complete line of frozen animal urine.

We are negotiating with Dweezil and Moon to incorporate this into our advertising.

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Re: Drug test?

#93059 2 years, 10 months ago
Some of the fancier tests actually are looking for flush agents now. You don't want an overabundance the same way you don't want to be over diluted. Good luck!
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Re: Drug test?

#93082 2 years, 10 months ago
violetgoo wrote:
i worked as assistant manager of a health food store over a decade ago. many of the local military base people came in and bought dif products we sold for clean pee tests. no one came in and complained that the test showed they were dirty. some came in and complained their test showed their pee was too diluted and they had to re-test. i cant even remember the names of the products but there were many military peeps who came in and bought the same stuff regularly- swearing by it- but i have no idea what kind of drugs they were trying to flush out of their pee test.

one of the most popular was made by some kind of hippie co-op in arizona and was a tea that you make with the tea bags in the kit and a quart of boiling water. you then had to drink a gallon of water alternating it w cups of the tea. it had vitimin supplement pills included in it too to replace all the b and c vitimins and minerals that you flush out of your body when drinking that much water- replace that stuff like gatorade does.

see that is the prob which you are most likely aware of: that water soluable drugs (coke/crack, meth, pharmies) will flush out of your system with enough water and other chemicals that can work with the water to remove the traces of drugs from your cells. the prob with Herb is that it is only FAT SOLUABLE. that means no matter how much water you drink its not going to remove the thc from your cells. only time can do that.

i have passed about 6 dif work drug tests with pet pee. dog pee. cat pee. collect it in a low sided tupperware container or pie tin something like that which you can place under the animals butt while he/she is squating down and peeing. for male dogs who do not squat and do the leg lift thing, obviously put the container under the stream of pee before it hits the object the dog is aiming for. store the pee in a covered jar in the fridge. there was a time there about 12 years ago where i was applying for so many new jobs i kept a plastic container of frozen cat pee in my freezer for safe keeping.

when going to the test i put the pee in a condom and tie the condom shut well. you may even want to double the condom if you are taking multiple subways to get to this pee test or something. dont use too much pee- a few tablespoonsful is plenty for them to use for the test and wont be obvious in your pocket.

i tape the condom to my inner thigh and wear loose jeans or a skirt. you could put it in your pocket if you are the right shape. i choose the taped to the thigh method because the way im built and my jeans fit me in the pocket it gets pinched too much when i sit down and its too much of a bulge. but if you are male or overweight, you prob wont have these prob w it in the pocket. the reason you have to keep it in your pocket or taped to your bare skin is so it would be as warm as you are because some of these testers take a thermometer and stick it in the pee cup right after you have filled it and given it to them to make sure its close enough to 98.6'f.- if its too cold they suspect it didnt come out of your 98.6'f. body.

they will NOT FOLLOW YOU INTO THE BATHROOM AND WATCH YOU PEE. that is for re-hab pee tests and probation and parole pee tests and militarty pee tests and other pee tests where they arent worried about your dignity and their dignity. all the work pee tests i have ever taken, they dont go in the bathroom let alone the stall with you. you can do whatever you want in there and they are def not watching.

for work pee tests they dont watch you pee or go in the bathroom with you. you got this. its a piece of cake.

i did have my pee tested not just for drugs but for health stuff when i applied to an apprenticeship in the brotherhood of carpenters and joiners union. they didnt say they were going to do the health tests on the pee. i thought it was just a drug test. when the nurse who tested the pee told me my pee had way too much protein in it- it was dog pee but of course she didnt know that- and i should have my blood tested to see how my kidneys were functioning because all that protien in my pee was indicative of kidney failure- i had to use my best actress skills to look really concerned and scarred cuz i was fighing myself not to smile- i was laughing my head off inside because i knew that the dog pee would of course be loaded with protein- dogs have a completely dif digestive system than we do and are designed to eat and metabolize mostly protein hence the term carnivore. that was the only pee test i ever took using pet pee that had me a little worried tho- i thought they might be suspicious but they were not. they let me into the apprenticeship program too no questions asked. (too bad i couldnt attend it- i had to work so i could pay apt rent, buy food, etc and so could not attend the apprentice classes and had to keep going to my stupid job instead)

anyhow pet pee has passed me somewhere near 6 tests. sorry i cant remember the exact number cuz there have been so many over the years. its either 5 or 6 maybe 7.

read "STEAL THIS URINE TEST" by Abbie Hoffman. excellent book it explains everything you need to know and even has a handy chart that tells you exactly how long dif drugs stay in your system and will show on pee tests. and it has ways to pass too.

baby pee works just as well as dog or cat pee. you could use barnyard animal pee too if you have access to those kind of animals. they sell doe (female deer) pee this time of year at dif hunting stores for deer hunting. i know one brother who worked for home depot and was pee tested because of a fork lift accident he was responsible for and he just filled his mouth with tap water at the sink in the bathroom, went into the stall, waited a few mins. for the water to warm up to 98.6'f. and spat it out into the pee cup. he passed the test. you will too.

dont under any circumstances (unless you dont want the job) use your own real pee. use toilet water that you dip the cup in and hold the sealed cup in your armpit for at least a few mins to warm it up if you have to, but dont give them your real pee. thc can take 28 days or more to get out of your system. if you smoke eat, etc plenty of Herb and your body happens to be metabolizing a lot of fat from your fat cells at the time immediately proceeding the test(if you are dieting or havent eaten enough that day), it can show up even more than 28 days after you last ate, smoked etc. just thank Jah they arent hair testing you. cuz their aint no way outta that one except covering your entire body w nair the day before the test, and even if u do that they can still pluck nose hair or eyelashes. and if you showed up at a job drug hair test without any eyebrows, arm or leg hair, etc, they would see that as so suspicious they would tell you that you should come back when the hair has grown back.

believe me, ive done it at least 5 times- drug pee test for a job- You got this- piece of cake.

there is so much bullshit here i dont even know where to begin-so i will just say that you are full of shit! you cant use toilet water or bleach or any other thing into your cup-the temp is very important and all test require that you check that first. Many test today have a chemical in them that shows if you used a flush- also if the urine is too diluted. i know many people who have failed using stuff from GNC and headshops- all these quarentee that you will pass- they do nothing when you fail - except appologize that you are out 45$ bucks!! as others have mentioned they will know if it is male/female urine- ever hear of hormones-they will make you empty your pockets and take off coats and bulky clothes and you then go into the room- some places wait in the same room until you are done- also if you get a hair test- there is nothing to help you! most places have a minimum allowed and if you are lower than that you'll be ok- if you are testing for a drug program they will watch you pee and they also test for synthetics- like k2 etc... and i know from experience that time and good exersice and low fat diet with lots of cranberry and water til you test- and if you are a heavy smoker or a chunky person this will take much longer- it took me 47 days after stopping until i could pass a test!
do not listen to the advice of this person!! GOOD LUCK
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