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jGB Encore Surprise!!!!!!!!!!!

#88703 2 years, 11 months ago
Ok, I went and saw jgb last night. Here my little review cause I enjoyed so much. So we get there and the place is connected to a fancy seafood restaurant. We go inside and I felt like we were dining in the titanic. Sat down and I notice the whole band was eating right across from us. Got up to go the same time Melvin did and we bothe said hello and I said thank you and shook his hand. Im a huge Melvin fan so it was a honor.

So we get inside this place and filled up to about a couple hundred of the best heads you can find at a show.I'm trying to sit here and think what they he'll they opened with and I can't remember. My high lights were struggling man, don't let go, sisters and brothers, masterpiece, rahposdy in red, tore up, really the whole show was hot. They do so good, they brought the whole house down.

I know they didn't playan encore on Friday. So I went out side during mighty high thinking this is going to be the last song, it was about 1215. I go out and I buy a rosebud pin that I loved. And he offered to smoke some hash. I did, and I was fucking stoned again. I walk in and I'm like dam I need another good long song I don't want to go yet. Mighty high ends and I thought they was done cause they thanked us and left off stage. Then everybody is screaming, I think everybody needed more to.

After about five minutes they come back out for one more. I'm thinking something slow like knocking on heavens door or simple twist of fate. But what do I hear Booooooooommmmmmmmmmm
Shakedown Streeat! What. I got so excited, they place just looked at each other like yaaaaaaaaaaa, this is what we want. The did a funky good version of it for about 15 minutes. Melvin on the organ with shakedown (the Bomb) the place was going bananas!

I had a blast like always at the show. And at the same time I was looking at furthurs setlist, black muddy river encore, lucky folks last night. If you get the chance to see jgb, go
And I'm going to sit right here until I die
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