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Re: The Spirit Molecule

#88607 2 years, 11 months ago
Yeah come to think of it, I take it back. Don't f'around with anything intramuscular. Too risky. That was me just speculating but it just ain't practical.
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Re: The Spirit Molecule

#88613 2 years, 11 months ago
the orange or actually yellow that you reefer to dosn't nessesarily mean its bad. My buddy extracted the stuff straight from the roots of ? (don't know the name of the plant off top of my head) ..... all that was used for extraction was naptha which is about the purist method you can use - he said there is some other process to get the yellow out but all it is, is plant fat.

the smell/taste is funky but it is without a doubt an experience you will never forget. I always just put a screen in a glass bowl with a little pot - not much just a couple hits worth then sprinkle the dmt on top. It melts as soon as you light it so if the little bit of pot is there for it to absorb into it works better - but I never vaporized it either, I'm sure that's be top notch.

I have never gotten to whats often refered to as "the other side" and "the tunnel" but my buddy swears I will if I do enough, and that he has many times with the same exact batch. With that said, I havn't seen oddities and all that but I have had the wildest trips I can ever imagine on the stuff. I can't even begin to try to explain it. The visuals are completly out of this world and you could pretty much say the same about the body high to.

What I found with the stuff is that you yourself have to want to trip hard on it, you can't just do it and walk around and get the full effect. You have to be sitting/laying and let yourself "get into the trip" which of course anyone who tripped before will be able to relate to what I mean by that. I found that if I even turn my head to fast that I'll come out of the trip, or at least a lot of the intensity of the trip. I've had it last really good for about 10-15 minutes tops and thats really getting into it, I've had other trips that were like 5 minutes or so that I wasn't as much into..... my best advice to anyone doing it is sit back, very relaxed, take a few big rips holding the first 1 in the longest then take a couple more quick ones while you can ..... then just sit back, don't talk or try to move to much and just let yourself get into the trip.

I actually still have some frozen that I gotta dig out one of these days, probably like 5-6 nice trips on it anyway, it is some amazingly potent stuff. It also naturally occurs in the human body which releases it when your born and when you die of natural causes. So basically every person came into the world on a dmt trip and anyone who dies of natural causes will go out about the best way you posibly ever could. It's also believed that dmt could play a role is some dreams.... really amazing stuff - I have to check out that read mentioned above.
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Re: The Spirit Molecule

#88615 2 years, 11 months ago
just want to mention 1 more thing - I read a recipe in the anarchist cook book which was supposedly "how to make dmt" but was nothing but a 25-30 step process of mixing different chemicals together ..... I wouldn't ever do it enless I knew where it came from and how it was extracted cause that pretty much just scared me seeing that shit in the anarchist cook book..... the finished product from all that cook book BS was definitley not dmt and it scares me thinking of people making dmt out of chemicals like that --- never do anything if you don't know the source!
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Re: The Spirit Molecule

#88616 2 years, 11 months ago
Look man...I'm ready for the usual responses so 6 up away. Just looking for guidance and would love to journey into new lands so to speak. PM's cool. Peace and thanks.
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Re: The Spirit Molecule

#88645 2 years, 11 months ago
Tried it numerous times, from orange to white have had some of the most amazing experiences of my life, have met the other ones, have had my third eye literally opened by them and have been shown that we truly are all one, connected in a simply amazing and indescribable way.

It's not something i take recreationally or with others around, usually on top of a small bowl of weed in the comfort of my home, sitting down with eyes closed almost all the way through. Have had bad trips (never go in there drunk, they will bitch slap the hell outta you for being so disrespectful), and have had wonderful trips that have helped ease all my fears of dying.

I don't always break through, sometimes just visual, but I find that the stuff that only takes one hit as opposed to numerous is much better. I've heard people talk about smoking it an walking around and taking more hits, not the stuff I've tried, no way in hell you could even stand up or contemplate the existence of a lighter and bowl. Wise word of advice: when you go in there, just shoot as much positive vibes as you possibly can and they will be returned, and if you remember, make sure to thank them as you leave, may sound crazy but I know some of you will understand that.

P.s. there was some straight killer deemsters at Furthur Fest, didn't smoke it there but took it home and in turn it took me home

Would love to write more about my times later when i have more time, thanks for this thread I hope to see more like it in the future
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Re: The Spirit Molecule

#88672 2 years, 11 months ago
TheWuby wrote:
Def use a good vaporizer if u can, (such as a Volcano), be ready to die and come back to life, scary but possibly the most reassuring and beautifuly mysterious proof of something outside of the 3 dimensional existence we are conditioned to confine ourselves to, def a great book too (got a copy on my hard drive), def a transcendental experience, just do your research prior, the website mentioned above is fantastic, also check out erowid.org, great souce for info, but form your own plan based on several sources, don't be hasty, and as with everything in life, treat it w/ respect.

i have a volcano that i use all the time, just for THC related products.

do you know off the top of your head what setting for the classic for DMT? or if you know the actual temperature i can adjust according to the table.

i was reading that it's not good for some vaporizers because it will liquify and run inside the vape, like a volcano. also, said it may taint the parts with the classic scent/taste, so i'd probably have to clean it out after.

nothing wrong with a spiritual death/rebirth. we all need it every now and then
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Re: The Spirit Molecule

#88677 2 years, 11 months ago
The orange/yellow stuff is totally fantastic for smoking and what not, I was just saying that if some one were to go the IM route (i do not recommend this at all) that they would certainly eant to find a way to get it into clear crystals, the orangey colored Mimosa stuff is perfectly beautiful in my book for an amazing adventure! And as said above definitely sitting/laying down is a must for a full on experience oh, as far as the volcano goes, I cannot remember the setting we used (couple of years ago) and it was ontop of plant matter and ashes to keep it from dripping down to much, taste was def still there for awhile, but I think worth it, I dont even really like vaporizing green all that much, but its perfect for what we are discussing here IMO:cheer:
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Re: The Spirit Molecule

#88702 2 years, 11 months ago
has anyone here ever tried 5-MeO-DMT? ...... that's what comes from the toad Bufo Alvarius, also known as the Colorado River Toad and the Sonoran Desert Toad....

I never tried it but supposedly it's more potent then any other form of dmt, at least that's what I've heard from High Times but I was just reading a little about it and some people say that visually it's not as strong
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Re: The Spirit Molecule

#88939 2 years, 11 months ago
ya no problem. I love the Nexus, the website is very llegit and a close knit community unlike the shroomery. and Mushman i can onlly wish i come acroos it in my travels.
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