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My shows willkes barre,syracuse,buffalo.

#87720 2 years, 11 months ago
First my shows would nt have been possible without the generosity and help of 2 friends who i hope are doing awesome!Willkes barre first stop for us and we had SOUR heads all day my back hurt and i sat thru this show,center stage third level and the sound was phenomenal that casey jones and estimated prophet were amazing.Second stop syracuse.Fucking amazing almost was like a religous experience to me!Rice krispey treat put me down and confused me a lil 1st set(ok it might have been the 3 lil squares) But by the time second set rolled round, bad back?What back?I was in full dance mode!The sugaree,gdtrfb!!!!!!!U.S. blues encore!!!!! need i say more had been trying to catch that encore since last summer.The national anthem after that i was actually standing at attention saluting the stage and singing along!Still makes me chuckle.What a great time with 2 of my most fave folks in the world.Skipped a.c. and stayed in syracuse.Went to buffalo the next day and caught niagra falls what a beautiful place shared with a beautiful woman.I truly am a blessed person.Buffalo Started easy enough found the venue was early as heck so went to the casino 2 blocks down and signed up for a players card played the free 10$ they gave us and walked with 5$,use of the restrooms twice,and 2 free sodas with a refill.Get to shakedown and run into some friends from va. some from n.y. some from buffalo that we been hanging with here and there since winter of 2010 when they were very kind to us was great to see em.Turns out we got on a carney pic taken of the venue from shakedown st i m the tall guy in the bottom right hand corner standing besides 2 friends from buffalo one with his back to the camera and a shorter guy with a gray beard and 1 of there friends i did nt know her.Thought it was cool.The show?Well lets just say i thought the first set was uh uninspired?Enjoyed it but other than mission and duprees was nt impressed sorry just my opinion here.Then we got kicked out for being in the third row without floor tickets!Big bummer buzz killer wtf ever!Ya could nt just have sent us back to our seats?WEre outside without coats in buffalo n.y. i lost it on dude told him my buddys bring ing my coats at set break he says get off the property i say fuck you!They give my buddy a hard time for trying to open the door to give us the coats when i walk right in the out door grabem and say ty.Fuckem.We sit in the car and listen to 2nd set of st augustine.My buddy comes out starts telling the second set and i actually cried a tear or 2 when he said they did lovelight and i been asking for it since winter 2010.My fault should have sat where i was supposed 2.Was nice to see are friends from buffalo.Good steak quessadillas after and good convos.Buffalo was nice to meet you.First niagra center FUCK YOU!To the band-THANK YOU FOR A REAL GOOD TIME! To all the kind folks ALLY, Jeff,Mike,Josh,Melanie,Eric,John,Scarlet_fire1,The folks from vermont who were across the hall from us in syracuse and any1 else i might have forgot---may the four winds blow you safely home!!!!!!!
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