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Walk in the Sunshine
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Re: Is Paris Hilton DH420?

#87616 2 years, 11 months ago
i'll say it once more. get some joints, some craft beers, pair of boxing gloves, and have a fun late night thanksgiving without the wives or the kids

See.. even us older ones can learn from you youngies. This is the best damn advice I have ever read on the internet.
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R U Kind?

Re: Is Paris Hilton DH420?

#87620 2 years, 11 months ago
Bakes wrote:
Are you serious? Neverstop66 is my brother and an asshole. He drove me off the board and I was forced to take a new username. He found me eventually because he can't let it go. He needs the revenge, the last laugh. I have been here a long time and a long time GD fan since the early 80's. Seriously, your comments are way out of place. I almost NEVER post on his threads. I in fact ignore him. Trace all posts back and you will see he stalks the board and waits for me to post. I defend, not aggress. You will not see me post one thing about that asshole (until now) until he comes on the board and starts his shit. No offense, but get the facts straight or mind it. I above anyone else would like this to end. I've called him and sent messages, offered the olive branch. He has no intention of stopping this. For real, you are talking to the wrong guy.

Walk in the Sunshine wrote:
Good lord I offer a challenge ( maybe this should be its own thread)... I want my 5 minutes back of my life from stumbling on Bakes vs. Neverstop comments. Don't turn this board into .org mmmkay we know you don't like each other and I wouldn't believe a word either of you says about the other. I do know Neverstop has been around "the boards" for a long time and comes off as an intelligent old fan. Bakes you seem to be the aggresive one here.. (as an outsider not knowing either of you in person). Just stop..its a simple request, I challenge you both not to post anymore cyber attacks on each other. No one cares. I am here to help.

Better challenge, why not stop all the quibbling on the boards and stick to fun stuff? Your jokes were funny dude and your brother has me in stitches, especially when him and el presidente get on a roll.

Who gives a crap whos fault this is, you or your brother. Be a bigger man and let it go. It seems like he is trying to stop the fighiting. And if I am wrong, please let it go. I promise I'm not writing this to point a finger. But I sense you may take that comment as an attack, which it's not. No need to defend yourself either it's not worth it, it just escalates stuff. And lots of stuff is said in a joking way anyway.

This place should be a fun escape for all of us. I promise, I park lots of baggage at the door when I get on here. We all have our problems. Give it a shot, Maybe you and neverstopp can have fun.

If that don't work, give forever young a good listen. Life is too short to fight over bs, especially with your brother. Maybe he wronged you, maybe you wronged him. But this is really not the place to for "revenge is a dish best eaten cold".

Peace to you dude, and to your family and neverstopps.

He's funny as shit.
FFF! Family is Forever!!!

May God bless and keep you always
May your wishes all come true
May you always do for others
And let others do for you
The following user(s) said Thank You: wlewis, Bakes
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