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We Want Furthur Songs!

#86463 2 years, 11 months ago
I really liked Seven Hills of Gold when I heard it in Herkimer/Gelston Castle. It made me feel like I did when the dead laid a Days Between or a built to last tune on me in the 80s. I revist the sbd often. Im a fan of new music. A album with a few new Furthur songs and maybe some dead covers would be welcomed for me.

And yet i dont hear them doing any of the new stuff lately. What gives? Are they letting it rest and grow a bit of age to it or what? Kind of like throwing a Beatles tune in almost every show how about a Furthur tune. I really was hoping for one in my only fall show =(

I can see DSO or even less expensive Dead cover bands. I want to hear the new stuff too!

We want Furthurs new songs! <stamps feet, throws hands in the air, holds breathe>

Or are they just more rare? Thre is still only four?:
Fall tour=
Color of the Rain-3
Welcome to the Dance-0
Seven Hills of Gold-0
Muli Guili-0
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