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Re: MY FRONT ROW REVIEW OF 11-11-11 (syracuse ny)

#86487 2 years, 11 months ago
I never had an easier time getting into the venue. Once I gor in the door the right side of the line was moving. The idiots were really searching everyone on the left Sid - taking all day - but on the right was the line for people in the show who were buying beer. So I ( and lots of other folks) ducked under the silly rope fence and we were in. No need to show my ( floor) ticket. No search. I ended up getting to keep my water bottle too, which was probably contraband.

Show was great. Security at Albany sucked. Guy made me empty every item out of every pocket and hold it all in hands. Cash. Tickets snacks lighters gum ..... I got so confused after putting everything back in my pocket i misplaced my ticket. Fir a sec i freaked - thought I dropped it and someone took it. But I soon found the ticket in a stray pocket. They should lighten up a bit.
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Re: MY FRONT ROW REVIEW OF 11-11-11 (syracuse ny)

#86489 2 years, 11 months ago
dancingbear i sure do! assbackwards! lol!
doin that rag-you are ever so welcome and glad you had an uneventful trip home- glad we got to meet you!
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