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Re: Setlists getting Boring?!

#85639 2 years, 11 months ago
Did someone really just request Furthur to play Samba in the Rain? I mean, really? You're either delusional, or didn't have to sit thru one with the GD. Absolute garbage, one of the worst GD tunes ever played
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Re: Setlists getting Boring?!

#85713 2 years, 11 months ago
I'm kinda on the fence also. What's good though is I only go to nor cal shows and been to Colorado. So I'm not to picky. I do get a little pissed when I hear let it grow, seems like every show. But there's always something I want to hear and when they play it, I'm so grateful.

What's crazy though is that I listen to this one black Peter and candyman all the time. I means a lot. I guess it's cause Jerry
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Re: Setlists getting Boring?!

#85942 2 years, 11 months ago
Why not that was the GD this Furthur. Maybe Furthur will make you love it!?
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Re: Setlists getting Uninspired in Tune rotation?!

#85950 2 years, 11 months ago
Dire Wolf wrote:

You're really gonna complain that they don't play Fought the Law? Really? I don't know a deadhead that wasn't mortified by that doozie. And how many times did you see the GD play Monkey & the Engineer? Guess I'm not feeling your pain but understand where you are coming from.

'Most' of the tunes listed below were infrequent at best other than the subpar Vince material. Furthur has approx 200 tunes in rotation, including all of the old songs that you nor most people ever heard live. After seeing nearly 200 GD shows, I am very appreciative of the fact that Furthur keeps us guessing from show to show. I feel very fortunate to hear songs like Caution, Mountains of the Moon, Born Cross Eyed, Cream Puff War, etc. Plus, the number of new cover tunes is impressive to say the least. Perhaps you need to revisit Deadbase and take a look at how predictable the GD were?

blow away
picasso moon
monkey and the engineer
tangled up in blue
ballad of a thin man
baba o'riley
victim or the crime
desolation row
hey pocky way
i fought the law
samba in the rain
lazing lightning/ supplication
my brother esau
race is on
to lay me down
we can run
you win again
tons of steel

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