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Re: Setlists getting Boring?!

#85425 2 years, 11 months ago
Shakeit wrote:
I agree, we should be able to critique the band without worrying about getting scolded.

IMO, the setlists have been leaning a little too much towards greatest hits compilationey. I wish they would free form jam out a little bit more.
Still by far my favorite band, by far my favorite music, by far my favorite musicians. Id crawl on my hands and kneed to go see this band live. "There not the best at doing what they do, there STILL the only ones that do what they do"
this is my last reply on this topic, but critique is cool with me, but sometimes it just turns into nitpicking. I'm not stating this about the original poster, but in gerneral about this band. I also think greatest hits has an entirely different meaning to us than the average show goer. To be honest the casual fan makes it possible for us to see this band on tour nightly. They are the majority. I know because my wife is one and would way rather hear a Sugar Mag than a dark star anyday.
I wish I was the headlight on a northbound train.
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Re: Setlists getting Boring?!

#85431 2 years, 11 months ago
Some great comments & analysis. Here are my 2 cents:

I have complained similarly in the past... that Furthur plays the same songs pretty often (Eyes, Scarlet, Mountain Song, etc) and only brushing on certain tunes once or twice in a whole tour (and still a large list of unplayed). An example would be the Shoreline Shows earlier this year... you go there with HUGE expectations (that MAYBE they'll bust a Black Muddy River or something) then the band ends up playing a 'Generic' setlist.

This might be done by design, so you keep pursuing your 'dream' show and end up going to as many damn shows as you possibly can (more revenue for band). This is cool though, cause when you finally hear that amazing combo of songs (which differs from person to person), or they play a song for the first time or a rare one, you feel stoked, fortunate, and deadicated you were there to share the magic. I have to say, I've been to maybe 20 or so Furthur shows and have NEVER been disappointed.

From a musicians perspective, in order to gain momentum during a set sometimes its critical to play the songs that everyone in the band is most familiar with (IE, the hits). So I'm OK with this, its frustrating at times, but no sense in losing sleep over something you can't control. The shows are more than just concert time... walking around beforehand, jamming out in the parking lot, etc. I often refer to going to shows as simply "The best shit ever."

On another note, I recently saw a YouTube video of One More Saturday Night from Alpine Valley in 2002... Bobby is literally jumping around the stage sweating his nards off. He clearly doesn't have the same amount of energy anymore, I hope its because of his age and not because he isn't actively engaged on stage. He seems to play a lot just looking down at what he's playing and not connecting with the others..

Last -- The first set at Buffalo was amazing and sounded good on the stream. Mission in the Rain, Built to Last, Duprees... Sick!!
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Re: Setlists getting Boring?!

#85478 2 years, 11 months ago
everyones entitled to an opinion ,i think they are trying to discourage touring,look at the travel times,they are doing this so they will be welcomed back .i wish they would do multi nite runs but "the fans" tend to ruin the welcome the towns put out for the band .so they play single shows and try to make everyone happy if your only hitting 1-2 shows you want to hear the hits with a few chesnuts thrown in.if your a die hard going to every show of course you want more varity however i think they are doing something like 150 songs? thats a lot of variety if you ask me .some bands tour and play the same exact set every nite
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Re: Setlists getting Boring?!

#85542 2 years, 11 months ago
Judging from the setlist, it occurred to me during last night's show that the band might have taken a peak at this thread. It's inspired by my standards. I think the JBG encore was about all they could fit. It stopped on a dime.

Buffalo 11.13.11

Set List I

Music Never Stopped
Alabama Getaway >
Greatest Story
Built to Last >
Mission in the Rain
Duprees Diamond Blues
Hard to Handle
Gimme Some Lovin

Set II

Jam >
Truckin' >
Smokestack Lighting >
Truckin >
Birdsong >
China Cat >
Crazy Fingers >
Polythene Pam >
She Came in Through the Bathroom Window >
Lady with a Fan >
Terrapin Station >
Terrapin Station Suite >
Standing on the Moon >
Turn on Your Lovelight

E: Johnny B. Goode
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Re: Setlists getting Boring?!

#85548 2 years, 11 months ago
Is it just me or are you tired of reading threads about setlist selection. This thread has been so beaten to death over the years from Dead.net to philzone to .org... all I'm gonna say is in my 30yrs plus of shows I never saw a Mean Mr Mustard till Wilkes Barre ( and it smoked). They are playing an inordinate amount of tunes. I do concur that Help>Slip>Franklins is overplayed ... especially every Saturday night.. its becoming as common on Saturday night as Saturday Night. That said a well played Help>slip always hits the spot... as far as Franklins its one of 2 tunes that has never been the same without Jerry ( I know all tunes but I'm makin a point). Sampson is the other.. both were driven by lead guitar and are tremendously watered down. Anyway I am just thankful that we get an oppurtunity to still see these guys playin... If you told me in 1985 that I'd be seein Bobby & Phil rock out in 2011 I would have never believed you.
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Re: Setlists getting Boring?!

#85553 2 years, 11 months ago
I tell you what, I count myself lucky every Furthur show I see (37), but what i would not give to:

A) See Jerry sing Day Job every Show
See every show of every tour

Neither is going to happen so I take every song as a gift and every minute spent dancing as an opportunity that will not be here someday. Even with the repeats the set lists are soooooo much more exciting than the Late 80's and 90's Dead and while it chokes me to actually say it, the music is better than the 1990's dead.

Thanks to the band and the fans for keeping this old timer movin and groovin
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Re: Setlists getting Boring?!

#85554 2 years, 11 months ago
Bedortha wrote:
Thanks to the band and the fans for keeping this old timer movin and groovin

Me too. I think the setlists are very nice. Last nights show in particular. I hope they keep doing what they do best.
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Re: Setlists getting Boring?!

#85564 2 years, 11 months ago
the band is getting older obviously and doing shorter tours. The way I look at it is that you know there are certain songs that not only are more 'popular' but there songs that the band loves to play, and they only have so many shows to play them. 3 or 4 songs on a 15 show tour may seem like a lot to people doing a large portion of the tour but you know they love playing these tunes and 2 times a tour for some of the bigger hits just isn't going to cut it for them.

I only missed VA which I still havn't looked at the setlist for but I can't point out anything boring about any of these or the other 23 Furthur shows I've seen. I was suprised with all the repeats at MSG but if you look at every show as a whole, they are all quite different from each other.

I'm not trying to bust balls at the OP or complain about these types of threads - just throwing my opinion out there, but to the OP saying "maybe it's time for the band to take a break" - I'm thinking maybe it's time for you to take a break if the sets are getting boring for you. Again that's not meant as a rude comment or anything towards you.

On another note, considering how empty a lot of these venues are, I bet the next tours are made a lot more convinient travel wise.....
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Re: Setlists getting Boring?!

#85569 2 years, 11 months ago
personally ill take anything the band plays. Some shows have a bit of recent repeats but as a whole I've never seen any show that dissapointed me setlist wise, or playing wise for that matter. I see where you are all coming from but like it was already stated Furthur is mixing it up more then the GD ever did at any given time period...
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Re: Setlists getting Boring?!

#85593 2 years, 11 months ago
Terrapin Sedation wrote:
Some thoughtful comments. I think you may be on to something with the strange touring schedule. I have to mull this over awhile before I comment furthur.

But here is a graphic that helps make your point, from the stat geeks at The Barn.

The small faint songs are played often, the larger ones less so, the bold songs are rare, the colored ones are break outs or very rare


and this one is by the numbers:


Interesting links, thanks for sharing. Strange though that they have played the WRS Part 1 six times but the WRS Prelude only twice. I'm trying to place these but I'm coming up short. I remember the Shoreline WRS and I think they did one in Broomfield but I'm spacing the rest...
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