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Re: In Search Of Dancing Bear Costume

#85454 2 years, 11 months ago
iraqistatefair wrote:
I gotta blue bear gettup in a 5 XL . Will only fit larger bears aseen on The Biggest Loser.
It was my neighbors outfit. He always dreamed of finding someone who would be able to fit into it, but the years have grown long. Hes a retired barback over at Skippis down in Fenario, by the wharf. The suit was made by a lad named peter. Hes a white guy with long yellow hair--"coming down the stairs, with that long yellow hair." He l.oved that line from cold rain and Snow. Jerry sang "shes coming down." And Peter sings it "HE's coming down the stairs, coming back HIS long, yellow, hair. "

funny guy.
anyway, pete made the suit. he works at the wharf. in fenario. As in the place where the wolves are runnin round in the Dire Wolf tune. And the place where we rolled out of...as we rolled out of...our captain fell in luv, with a Lady like a Dov - - and caleed byher of name of sweet Peggyo.

The suit is made of 100 % organic llama and has been closet kept. sometimes attic stored.I'll let it go for 50 bucks O B O
note :this is a joke

life may be sweeter than this i dont know , see how it feels in the end

you're out of your skull. thanks.
who else is gonna bring you, a broken arrow?
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Re: In Search Of Dancing Bear Costume

#85464 2 years, 11 months ago
Thanks for the help, I'm going to buy the Blue Bear costume and make the bib and face to match. Since the Platypus has left the building, I am going to try and break out the suit for special shows with hopes for NYE... The warf guy bear suit story is really cool and it has left good memories which is what I plan to as well. Thanks and still looking if anyone has one ready
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