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Sigmund the Seamonster
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Camp Creek Oxford, Maine Aug 6-7

#8411 3 years ago
Max Creek to fill emptiness left by Nateva cancellation.
Camp Creek Dates
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the highway terror
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Re: Camp Creek Oxford, Maine Aug 6-7

#8427 3 years ago
I wonder if moving from N.Y. to Maine is going to hurt attendance ?
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Tim The Beek
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Re: Camp Creek Oxford, Maine Aug 6-7

#8494 3 years ago
June dates were a maybe for me.

8/6 & 8/7 are a no can do.
More or less in line

Re: Camp Creek Oxford, Maine Aug 6-7

#8535 3 years ago
Well, they were going to play there anyway, so it fits their schedule. I love Maine. Beautiful state.
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Re: Camp Creek Oxford, Maine Aug 6-7

#9113 3 years ago
Yep, from the webiste:

"It is with a heavy heart, and a great sadness that we cancel the 2011 Nateva Music & Camping Festival. After an epic inaugural year, we have found ourselves struggling at every turn as we have tried to push forward with preparations for this summer.

The challenges in assembling our lineup of bands, a lack of certain venue permits, a very crowded summer festival schedule and slower than predicted ticket sales have all contributed to our decision to cancel Nateva this summer. In the end, it’s all about being able to put forth a first rate event that everyone can be proud of and that our customers can enjoy. We just don’t have the confidence to go forward at this time.

Refunds in the amount of the ticket face value and per-ticket fees for tickets already purchased will be processed via the credit card that you made your purchase with. You can expect to see this refund reflected on your next statement, depending upon your billing cycle. Any questions regarding refunds may be sent to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

We are very grateful to the People of Maine, the Oxford Fairgrounds, our Customers, our Bands, and our wonderful Staff, and we just want to say, “Thank You” for all of your support. We look forward to seeing you out and about wherever there is great live music.


Nateva Festival"

Sad since Maine is not only beautiful, but also full of such kind people.
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