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Re: Is JK leaving Furthur?...

#8737 3 years, 6 months ago
My take on this is that JK is out of his mind grateful for the chance to become himself, rather than "play Jerry". As I've watched this band grow and listened intently for the past 2 years, he sounds more and more like his own musician, his voice has changed his playing has changed....and I like it and I think Phil and Bob like it a lot too. Phil said at one point something like..."if John needs to channel Jerry for awhile, fine, but if this band works then he won't have to". And this band IS working,playing some of those most passionate and isnpsired playing I've heard in years, especially from Bobby...he sings again, he doesn't yell or talk a song, he has found himself. AND KEEP THE BACK UP SINGERS BY THE WAY...great addition. I think Phil and Bobby are ecstatic to be making the music new again. JK and the other new folks gave the missing link of a spiritual core, a new way to make something new out of the timeless music of old.
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Re: Is JK leaving Furthur?...

#9098 3 years, 6 months ago
Tim The Beek wrote:
ScarletFire wrote:
I have been simultaneously flabbergasted and frustrated with John because he is capable of owning the stage and making Jerry's space his own but, at times, he does not. So what can be done? In my humble opinion, diligence and consistency from John is the key to maximizing the potential of this lineup.

The thing about going all the way out to the end of the limb every night, is sometimes you soar, and sometimes you fall with a thud.

Same as it's been with this music for more 'n 40 years...

Tru dat.
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Re: Is JK leaving Furthur?...

#9142 3 years, 6 months ago
I guess it shows how easy you can start a rumor on here.
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Re: Is JK leaving Furthur?...

#9211 3 years, 6 months ago
Fire Scarlet wrote:
I imagine when JK and Furthur do part ways for whatever reason down the road, he will start his own band that he can control. Whether it will be a GD Tribute band or not will be his choice. It would be nice to see him fly on his own with his own material eventually....down the road.......like way way down the road.

JK does in fact have his own side project right now, the John K Band. They do shows in the MD/DC area when Furthur isn't touring. You can listen to quite a bit on his archive page: www.archive.org/details/JohnKadlecik

Early 2000's he was in a band called The Mix and they recorded the album "American Spring" in 2004. John K Band plays songs from American Spring and other covers, but understandably he usually doesn't do Grateful Dead songs except when he does solo acoustic sets. It's really worth checking out, and if you're in the DC area they have two shows scheduled April 28th in Baltimore MD and May 6th in Falls Church VA.

It would be great to hear some more original stuff from him though.
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