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Furthur needs a new FOH guy.

#8250 3 years, 6 months ago
It is hard to believe that 4 or 5 years ago I sat through a panel in SanFran at an Audio Engineering Society convention and heard this guy talk about hyper-cardioid subs and arena rigs and you would have thought he was re-writing the book on PA.... The most important thing about the job (that he must NOT know) is that you have to at least try to put yourself in the music, up on stage with the musicians and CARE about what you are doing!....I've just sat through the second-most worst sounding concert I've heard in years, second only to the last one of his shows I caught..... MY GOD the man had a half a truck of line-array tonight and it sounded like a BAR !! ABSOLUTELY NO PRESENCE IN THE ROOM. Vocals completely and ridiculously bad, and absolutely no dynamics in the mix.... sounded like a bar.....
SERIOUSLY, I am VERY open minded when it comes to FOH guys because there are always extenuating circumstances and I've been there. But when you have the rig in the air like you do and the caliber of musicians on stage that you do there should be absolutely no excuse for it to be this far off the mark...
Nothing worse than dropping $100 to have to 'imagine' what you are seeing/hearing. Great setlist, incredibly well played. They are TIGHT, but they sound like SHIT !!! I am usually very forgiving since I know that job well, but even with my generosity, I cannot help but think that he doesn't give two shits about who he is working with... maybe even that he is out there thinking that he is working with a bunch of 'has-beens'..... IF SO, SO WHAT !!!!?????!!!!!! We are paying good money and you have plenty of resources, so have some respect and at least pretend to care a little bit about what you are doing.

P.S. I think this guy mixes Claypool, who usually sounds AMAZING. If so, this only makes it worse for him, since it illustrates how much of an asshole he is for not giving a shit about what is paying his baby's momma....

cut his buddy down
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Re: Furthur needs a new FOH guy.

#8257 3 years, 6 months ago
i agree 100%.

the sound on this tour is horrible.
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Re: Furthur needs a new FOH guy.

#8259 3 years, 6 months ago
Damn, dude. sorry that your listening experience was less than stellar.

Even the best sound guys (or whatever) have bad days. I know how much it sucks to think that the performers sounded great, but that the person responsible for translating that to the audience has fucked up.

I have a kid who is a musician, and I have personally throttled a few dick sound guys for what I believed was intentional meddling with sound quality.

That being said, the Furthur shows I've seen recently have sounded phenomenal to me.

Perhaps perception is truly responsible for your negativbe response. I'm not saying for sure, just asking you to maybe consider it in there with all the other variables.

That's not to take away from the fact that you had a bad experience. I feel for you. Nobody likes to be looking forward to something and have it turn out other than they had hoped.

I just really hope you give it another shot and it turns out to be all that you'd dreamed it would be. : )))
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Re: Furthur needs a new FOH guy.

#8336 3 years, 6 months ago
I've seen this band ten times, and I think they are amazing and the sound can be excellent, but only in very small sweet spots in a venue. The sound really could be much better. Everyone who is in a 'sweet spot' is lucky, but I have changed places a lot to find a spot with good sound and it is much harder than it should be. The first night in Chicago last fall, the sound in the left tower was so distorted that everyone in my section literally looked around at one another in surprise and discussed it during the set break. It needs to be fuller and more dispersed throughout the venue, this is true of every show I have seen. Perhaps I was spoiled with the GD, but the sound happening now is not nearly on par with their standards. I'm writing this not to attack anyone, but because I think the band should know and hope they will hear it. I've heard this from many other people as well.

P.S. I still had great experiences at every show I've seen (the sound issue did not ruin my experience).
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Re: Furthur needs a new FOH guy.

#8338 3 years, 6 months ago
Sorry to hear about your experience.

The sound in a venue such as The Fox should be pristine!

Could a bad mix be a reason they aren't selling the downloads for this show?
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Re: Furthur needs a new FOH guy.

#8342 3 years, 6 months ago
The show always sounds good when your energy is flowing through it
Uncle John
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Re: Furthur needs a new FOH guy.

#8350 3 years, 6 months ago
ScarletFire wrote:
The show always sounds good when your energy is flowing through it

is that how it works
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Re: Furthur needs a new FOH guy.

#8357 3 years, 6 months ago
I tend to be the typical audiophile sound snob. I am convinced that part of the problem are the new arrays that everyone seems to be using.

What they do accomplish pretty darn well is get decent sound all over the arenas. Problem is, it comes with mp3 type sound everywhere. What they don't do well is bring the ooomph to the very front of the hall. Fact is, the sound up front is absolutely crucial to bringing the crowd into the gig. It's the site of the folks rocking up front that pulls everyone in, and the sound up front is terribly thin. Three speakers on the side of the stage, and minis at the very front are not bringing that experience home. Especially with a band that doesn't really play that loud with their own gear.

This reminds me of the switch from Healy to Cutler, where the sound to a noticeable turn for the worse. From an active participant focused on the experience with the crowd, a full stereo production, to the FM mono type set it and forget it approach.

I won't fault him for the Best Buy (Those JBL's blow1 For such a sound treated room it should sound way better. Also for Radio City experiences where they were using house gear for the arrays, but even in those scenarios, work the room and add what you need to for the front of the Orchestra.

Get more speakers at the bottom of the arrays that are hung directed to the front center of the floor. Add more speakers on the side of the stage on top of the ones already there, and for the bigger arenas, hang a couple of subs in the air too.

I agree that Mr. Featherstone appears to not give a rats ass. Doesn't ever seem to take a stroll around to check the sound. Doesn't care that folks want it louder. Doesn't seem interested in boosting Chimenti's organ on a solo when you can't hear it.

Finally it's not the Meyer arrays per se. If you are in that spot right by the speakers it sounds good. It's just the cookie cutter approach and a sound team that doesn't seem very interested in making sure the room is covered and adjusted. Why does it take almost to the end of the first set for it to be competent? The world knows and empty cold venue is going to be totally different than one full of people and warm. I too don't really get it.

Can they not patch things up with Healy? Has that ship sailed?

In the memory of Bear, give us some love here!
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Atleast I'm enjoying the ride.

Re: Furthur needs a new FOH guy.

#8358 3 years, 6 months ago
Bring back the wall of sound! haha just kidding but maybe a re-designed minature one!
Uncle John
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Re: Furthur needs a new FOH guy.

#8359 3 years, 6 months ago
mattgill wrote:
but maybe a re-designed minature one!

spinal tap


LOLs all around
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