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Re: save the nitrous tanks

#82849 2 years, 11 months ago
i didnt call any cops ,i caught people from falling face first into the pavement> im such a selfish crappy person i really must reevaluate my life choices since im so evil
If i told ya all that went down,it would burn off both your ears
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Re: save the nitrous tanks

#82866 2 years, 11 months ago
83 , they are talking about me. It is not like I would actually have to point out n2 to the cops lol, it makes noise. It is the perfect self snitching scenario. calm down lol
Please tell Governor Christie of NJ to open the records
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Re: save the nitrous tanks

#82942 2 years, 11 months ago
ya im not talking about anyone in particular just keep seeing people talking about cops bein called and such just isnt something i think is acceptable unless someone is being harmed molested etc... and like ms jimp said the noise alone attracts authorities i dont like it being on lot either anyone that needs to sell merchandise to make it to the next show is screwed if there are tanks i enjoy the stuff at home or at hotel later but on lot just takes all the money people would spend on food shirts etc..
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Re: save the nitrous tanks

#82957 2 years, 11 months ago
Is nitrous really some big evil deal? Is it mostly east coast issues? I am just curious, I remember in my college days, we would always see lots of tanks at GD shows, (these would be mostly mid west and east coast shows) and it was kind of a treat because these were pretty much the only times we were around tanks and it put a smile on your face. It also seemd like most people slinging the balloons were friendly and not "mafia" (not even sure what that means)' if you had a joint or veggie burritos it might even get you a run of free balloons it seemed like not a big deal Now I am 41 years old, most of my furthur shows have been west coast with the exception of msg, and I haven't noticed a nitrous presence at the shows, then again in am not spending hours in the lot like the old days, but still.. Maybe it is just more of an east coast issue or something. I don't have enough hate in my to be so smug against it
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Re: save the nitrous tanks

#82999 2 years, 11 months ago
If i told ya all that went down,it would burn off both your ears
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Re: save the nitrous tanks

#83010 2 years, 11 months ago
And the idea of passing out CDs to in order to attract the cops to OUR cars? Sorry, but that is completely insane. I am certainly not in a hurry to have the cops come looking through my car to take the heat off of the nitrous thugs, no sir.
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Re: save the nitrous tanks

#110508 2 years, 9 months ago
83msg1sttyme wrote:

Very good article, thanks 83. Here's the same article but all on one page.


Some eye opening passages:

"These people are evil," says Don Bryant, a retired Army captain and emergency medical technician, who also vends T-shirts at shows. During a recent Bonnaroo festival, he says, "One guy with a $5 balloon of nitrous came crashing through my booth, being chased by a guy with a knife. He almost took out my daughter, who was a little baby."

Scott Percival, a Boston police officer who serves as a security guard for the Gathering of the Vibes, says he was once offered $10,000 by a dealer to look the other way, and recalls stumbling onto one beaten-up and unconscious seller lying in the parking lot, pockets empty. "He was selling nitrous, and the other guys came in and took him out. It happens all the time," he says. "It's a big-time problem," echoes Dennis O'Connor, a Hartford police officer who confiscated 25 tanks outside a Phish show last year.

For concertgoers, the most dangerous risk of nitrous is the potential for users to pass out and hit the pavement. "I've watched so many young people crack their heads and faces open that I have personally stopped providing emergency first aid," says Bryant, the EMT. "People will crack themselves open. I've seen them fall and bust out all their teeth. I've seen them fall and hit glass. They fall like flies all over the place. It's a sad thing." Pointing to a scar on his chin, one fan elaborates on a recent nitrous experience in Pittsburgh: "My last thoughts were, 'I need to sit down right now,' and the next thing I know, I wake up in a pool of blood with five people surrounding me."

Last year, a festivalgoer turned up dead at Gathering of the Vibes. Within days, the jam-band blogosphere lit up, hurling accusations at the Nitrous Mafia, with claims that the victim was beaten with a tank, sprayed with gas, and burned alive. Weeks later, a toxicology report ruled that he died from a simple drug overdose, but the episode was still a black eye for festival promoter Ken Hays, who came under fire from Bridgeport authorities for failure to control the scene. Despite confiscating about 100 tanks, the security guards at Vibes proved no match for the gas mob.

"The Philly guys are more reckless," he says, and more prone to violence and intimidation. "They operate without a code of honor. They were the first kids I saw bringing guns to the lots and putting fuckin' shit to people's heads." The Philadelphia don, who owns his own nitrous supply store and has several workers underneath him, is less apt to show up at festivals himself, says Sean. "He's a fucking nut job,"

One fan says he was beaten up two years ago at Jones Beach because a dealer thought he stole a balloon. Last year at Vibes (where a portion of the park has been dubbed "Nitrous Alley"), a fan says he saw a dealer smash his tank on a man's head. At a Phish show last year in Portland, Maine, a fan watched a parking attendant get pummeled. Knives and bats were sneaked into lots. "I straight-up saw a Nitrous Mafia guy hit a cop's face in with a tank," says a man who recently attended All Good, a mountainous festival venue where gas is inhaled inside a deep gorge called "Wookie Nitrous Cave." "Nobody fucks with those fuckers," says a tattoo artist who goes by the name PeaT.

Beef, a husky Italian-American from South Philly, has a tongue ring, a lazy layer of facial scruff, and a pair of young daughters at home. Twenty-four years old, Beef says he operates independently with a couple of associates, who together pocket about $50,000 a weekend in the summertime. He offers a handshake and a free balloon. It produces a pleasant sensation from head to toe.

There are signs that music fans are fighting back in larger numbers to keep the gas out of the scene. After the death at the Vibes, a vigilante group called the Wrecking Crew, born out of the Grateful Dead Family—fans who followed the band, year after year—retaliated by smashing up a truck with Pennsylvania tags and leading chants of "NO NITROUS!" to a chorus of festivalgoers. "The guy who owned the truck was dealing nitrous all weekend and had been followed back to his truck by the Family," says a fan.

Security guards, too, say they've had enough, claiming they're tired of being accused of being in on the take. Inside a small Irish pub in Worcester, Massachusetts, Rodriguez, the director of Marker Security, which has staffed the Vibes each year since the inaugural Bridgeport festival in 2000, tries to explain the difficulties of controlling the tank-toting dealers at an event as large as the Vibes, which last year attracted 30,000 fans. "If two of my guards try to walk over and take their tank, they're not walking back," says Rodriguez, 36 years old, cupping a bottle of Bud Light between his oversize hands. His six-foot-two, 300-pound frame hulks over the table. "My guards aren't about to take their lives in their own hands and get beat up," he says. "Not for $8 an hour."
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Re: save the nitrous tanks

#110595 2 years, 9 months ago
Nitrous screws up the lot, because the dealers running all, or most, of the gas are not Dead Heads. They are gangsters who just come to tour to take as much money away as they can. They don't spend money to get into the show, they don't spend money on the lot with other heads, they don't clean up their messes, and they charge way too much for what it's worth. It's $4.50 to $10 a lb, tops. You probably get about 5 big balloons a lb, or 7 of the kind they often sell.

I don't demonize any drug, as I think any drug can be enjoyed responsibly, but the people dealing the nitrous on lot, are rarely OUR people. I usually just get some friends together and we do our nitrous back at our hotels, where we sit down and laugh with our friends. I also feel that snitching is one of the worst things you can do. If we can all keep our friends from supporting these guys, then they will stop coming. Do your best with your group, I'll do my best with mine, and with enough love and effort, will keep these assholes away without involving the cops who would love to use any excuse to fuck us heads over, too.
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Re: save the nitrous tanks

#110626 2 years, 9 months ago
I stopped going to big shows becouse of that scene which i think is simply ugly.
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Re: save the nitrous tanks

#110630 2 years, 9 months ago
I was wondering why this thread had gotten bumped. I don't want to save the nitrous tanks! I want to get rid of them!!! Then I seen the article Scarlet Fire posted and read it. I remember hearing about some of that stuff back when it happened. But what makes me wonder...

Did that secuirty guard who was offer 10,000 just to look away DO IT??? Most security at festivals now a days are jokes. And the people who attend them have no respect or love or another. I don't feel safe and I dont even trust my camping equipment around others because I've seen people snatch things up. WHY?????? Ugh

This past fall tour I was leaving the lot in St. Louis and right on the side of the venue was nitrous alley. The vibes just walking thru it were horrible! Then I seen a group of people doing some ballons. One girl fell back and hit the ground and started shaking. her friends were freaking out. I'm like what has this become...

I don't have a problem with the drugs. My problem is the people who abuse it.
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