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The Rum Diarys...

#79090 2 years, 11 months ago
Saw it last night was great movie for any hunter fans out there. Depp really nails it(much better than fear and loathing which hunter himself did not like). A young hunter that has not found his lyric voice yet working in Puerto Rico. Freaking funny and amazing movie. For anyone that is even a little familiar with hunters writing and dialog( prob most here) will love this shit.
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Re: The Rum Diarys...

#79113 2 years, 11 months ago
Nice. Thanks for the review! I look forward to seeing it.
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Re: The Rum Diarys...

#79390 2 years, 11 months ago
yeah i am not a big movie fanatic but this is one i'd really like to view
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Re: The Rum Diarys...

#79400 2 years, 11 months ago
That's bullshit that Hunter didn't like Fear and Loathing. He loved it I guarantee.
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Re: The Rum Diarys...

#79411 2 years, 11 months ago
Definitely want to check this out.
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Re: The Rum Diarys...

#79417 2 years, 11 months ago
i hated fear and loathing, but i do love johnny depp . this one looks less demonic of a character as fear. He can be more himself. which is enjoying. look forward to seeing the directing in Diaries. thanks . glad its as good as u say. better than a drive in movie, oh my
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Re: The Rum Diarys...

#79737 2 years, 11 months ago
Actually depp himself said hunter really hated it and thought he did a horrid job. If anything hunter thompson was a seriously, in your face honest guy. And i disliked fear as well it was poorly done. Rum makes up for it imho
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Re: The Rum Diarys...

#79752 2 years, 11 months ago
I enjoyed Fear and Loathing.

Regarding HST view of, he enjoyed it, according to this snippet from a Charlie Rose interview with Depp and director Terry Gilliam.
Here's the entire transcript. I remember watching it. It was great interview


CR [to JD]: I mean, I know this is an actor's craft, but you... It's DEAD ON, the impersonation of him.

JD: Well, thank you very much.

CR: Well, but - You know... How do you go about that??

JD: First you've got to get his blessing [smiling] ...which is not an easy thing to get! I had to... Yeah, that was very important, initially. Just that I wanted to make sure that Hunter was happy with the idea that I would be playing him. Maybe there was... I don't know, maybe there was another actor he wanted, so I would have sort of... you know, taken a walk and let the other actor do it, if that's what Hunter wanted. But he... I said: "Do you want me to do it?" and he said: "Yes, absolutely, you're the guy. I want you there."

CR [laughing]: He's not stupid, is he? [TG starts laughing] Was he warned?

JD: Which was...er... No, I was shocked. And, er, it was at that moment that I told him. I said: "Listen, if I do an even remotely accurate portrayal of you, you're going to hate me for the rest of your life probably." [laughs] And luckily, we're OK. He's seen it and he's OK.

CR: What does he say about it?

JD: He had the most beautiful line... It was - he said: "It's an eerie trumpet-call over a lost battlefield." Which I thought was so beautiful.

CR: Wow! That's a powerful image!

JD: It's so beautiful.

TG: That's wonderful. I mean, that's what I find with his words. They summon up images very quickly and very fast and... Yeah, that's beautiful! And it's very... It's so pleasing, and a great RELIEF that he likes it... But, I mean, it was a STRANGE project, because we were worried all the time that we wanted to please Hunter, and I found working on it you could never... Do we go this direction? Do we do that? Do I do what my instincts tell me? Hunter is still watching, and you want to be so true to it! And I think the fact that we've somehow at least pleased him, and I've been told by other people they seem to think we've captured the book on the screen. That's fantastic.
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Re: The Rum Diarys...

#81172 2 years, 11 months ago
he was on the piers morgan last week. Debb basically says he was living (or crashing at?) Hunter's place for a long time. He was in some space and he found a draft "Rum diary"and that Hunter apparently had forgotten about it (ie, "oh yeah, that's my handwriting, I must have written it). Depp loved it and made a promise to one day to publish it.

I'm not a huge hunter fan. I had to read fear and loathing on the campaign trail for a poli sci class and I never finished it.

I think the ending of teh Fear/loating las vegas is the ending: Life is clutter. We can't think clearly until we clean our minds. In toda'ys profane world, the only way to do it is... vegas, way too many drugs and taking it over the edge. And in the end, surrounded with the mess and basically sitting in water, Hunter is able to write about why the 60s failed to bring about the change that everyone seemed to think was within their grasp.
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Re: The Rum Diarys...

#81374 2 years, 11 months ago
being a kentucky boy mysef, hunter is one of our states counter culture heros, if not "the counter culture hero" for my ol'kentucky home, far away, but yeah i cant wait to see the rum diaries, never read the book, though i have read some hunters work, i likehkis stuff early on, but then went on to dig other writers. i totally dig his like, persona, his i am who i am, fuck you type image, but i have spoken personally with people who knew him through out his life, and they all have said the same thing, he was a sweet heart to his friends, and he let his frustations out in his writing. like if you were his friend he would do damn near anything he could to help you, he was a southern gentleman at heart, he xspecially had a way of charming the ladies, even up to the very end i hear. i miss him, though i never met him, like johny cash and jerry. ahh well i digress.
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