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Re: NYPD at it again?!

#78772 2 years, 11 months ago
scar1et_f1re wrote:
funky420 wrote:
scar1et_f1re wrote:
funky420 wrote:
ya I was one of those that got arrested this March, the cops themselves were actually nice guys (as I was polite to them, don't rock the boat) and they promised my girlfriend that I would be out that night, and I was, the only shitty part was not being able to pay for the ticket(now I have a warrant) and of course missing the show. Man I really wish I could just pay for that ticket.

I think that is more the norm, booking and out in a few hours. I think what happened to the girl in your story was atypical. And I bet in some towns it's jail until you pay up. I believe your other cellmate from this site -- who probably had more serious charges also got out the same night.

And I somehow doubt the 21 year olds story. I would be surprised that the cop accused them of using foul language if they didn't. Not that it should mean anything, but if you are not kind to them they can be dicks right back at ya.

Sucks with ticket. With interest and fines I know parking tickets in NYC skyrocket if you dont pay in 30 days. I suspect the same with your ticket.

(And by the way, I am in no way in love with the police, but I feel much safer wth them around). I do smoke on the street, etc and they have never bothered me. But I am usually discrete and I know what (touristy) area to avoid.

actually it was a desk appearance ticket so no price has been set (I think?) other wise I would have just payed it. Oh and I wasn't smoking on the street but I did have an open beer thats how they were anle to search me.

ouch, that is so messed up. I see everyone with them brown paper bags, if they stropped you for that it is nasty IMO.

Like I said I wish I could just pay the fine. Oh well no NYC shows for me.
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