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Fresh Boarder

Please come to the Beautiful NW

#7785 3 years ago
Mr. Lesh, Mr. Weir and crew,
This spring and summer will see you all over the east coast, mid west and Cali. Ya know, Halloween is a great time to be in the greater Portland Or. area. Sure it rains alot, but thats why we have webbed toes. That Memorial Coliseum shore misses ya as do a whole lotta heads!!! You fellas are still kickin butt and I wish you all the best in future butt kicking exploits!!!
Junior Boarder

Re: Please come to the Beautiful NW

#7790 3 years ago
Seattle is itchin too!!

Outdoor venues: Marymoor, St Michelle Wintery, Memorial Coliseum, the Gorge(put a festival together)

Indoor: Paramount, WaMu, Moore, Key Arena, McCaw Hall

PLENTY of venues at varying sizes

*I'd LOVe to see them play Edgefield in Portland
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