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Re: Why doesn't Grateful Dead get back together?

#7983 3 years ago
You can always come back, but you can’t come back all the way
I rather be
A free man in my grave,
Than livin' as a
Puppet or a slave
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Re: Why doesn't Grateful Dead get back together?

#7997 3 years ago
funky420 wrote:
Even when the were all together (bob,phil,mickey,bill) they went as the other ones or the dead I've seen both and neither are as good what we are getting now.
Touch Of Grey wrote:
1. I don't think they were asked ( although during an interview B. Kreutzman said he had no interest in what they were doing In his opinion... reliving old material ) I haven't read any of Mickey's opinions ( if he said anything)

2. They each have their own thing going and seem to be very happy pursuing other interests.

They don't want to be doing this anymore. Each have their own, great projects that they seem to enjoy much more than playing as the group any longer. I don't think like they to tour as much as Phil and Bob do, either. And Russo needs absolutely no help in Furthur. He carves just fine on his own.
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Re: Why doesn't Grateful Dead get back together?

#8009 3 years ago
Interesting comment from Bobby in the Furthur cover story in the latest Relix:

"I actually expect that the Dead will reconvene at some point, but that'll be a walk down memory lane. It will be for those folks who want that, but we can't live there."

Pretty much sums it up, I'd say. Personally I'd love to see the core four get back together. Those drummers add a psychic depth you won't find anywhere else. But I get the feeling with Furthur that here's a band that's growing and exploring and becoming, as opposed to a cherished institution. Both are aces in my book but it's definitely a case of apples and oranges.
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Re: Why doesn't Grateful Dead get back together?

#8016 3 years ago
They did, sort of, they tour as "THE DEAD" and the latest line up if I am not mistaken was ...
Bob Weir — guitar, vocals
Phil Lesh — bass, vocals
Mickey Hart — drums, vocals
Bill Kreutzmann — drums
Jeff Chimenti — keyboards, vocals
Warren Haynes — guitar, vocals
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Re: Why doesn't Grateful Dead get back together?

#8022 3 years ago
Good question.

I can see the entire group not all wanting to do tours anymore. I'm sure its a lot of work, bus time, missing family...

Their individual projects are likely less stressful and probably more fun.

A reunion would be nice, and a must see. Exactly the type of thing these folks would do for fun.

Further wants to tour, and connect with some good old style Grateful Dead concert energy. I love that. I love the singers, what a great dimension to have.

What I'm trying to say is that the vibes, energy, feel, are there.

If someone wants to know what a GD concert was like, go to a Further show. Its quite similar. People there for the experience. That's what mattered then, and now.

But as far as getting everyone together for three tours a year etc...it seems to have been easier to recreate the vibe.

I would love to see an all star reunion tour, with people from the past who have played or stood in, do shows. Donna Jean, Warren Haynes, Hornsby, Dylan, Chuck Berry, Sha Na Na, anybody and everybody, etc, etc all grab a show or two. That would be a tour to go on, and would have some epic shows.
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Re: Why doesn't Grateful Dead get back together?

#8038 3 years ago
The truth is economics. As members of the Core Four, Billy and Mickey will want an equal share. Now your $70 ticket is a $100, and suddenly the tour isn't as successful.

Russo is a monster, JK is wailing, and while I sort of miss the 2nd drummer occasionally, I just don't see it as much better alternative for $30 additional bucks per night. Plus there's something about Mickey's energy these days that's doesn't jive with the vibe. Maybe that's me but...

If you could get Billy next to Russo for $10 more, count me in, but Furthur is getting better and better. Why rock the boat?
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Re: Why doesn't Grateful Dead get back together?

#8042 3 years ago
The Grateful Dead doesn't get back together because The Grateful Dead will never perform again according to the band itself. They disbanded on December 8, 1995.
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Re: Why doesn't Grateful Dead get back together?

#8054 3 years ago
Because they don't want to and i'm glad the drums part isn't waasting a half hour of killer tunes ! The Dead 09 can't even hold a match to what is goin on right now! FACT! 7 walkers is about the most depressing band I have heard as of late , just terrible singing and the drum grooves are nothing . Phil & Bobby you are doing a wonderful job ! Don't change a damn thing ! this is GRATE!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Why doesn't Grateful Dead get back together?

#8068 3 years ago
"Jerry was a guitar player in a band whose various member made essential artistic contributions defining thier identity.
That band has carried on throughout many diferent incarnations with different essential members. The band could continue without Jerry as the Dead, because it is not the Jerry Garcia Band."

And in fact JGB still tours with Melvin Seals and a few of the original backup singers.. Also, there were many fans that looked to Pigpen as the frontman in the early days, and it really shows in a lot of their staple songs from that era (Lovelight, Caution, etc.). They continued as the Grateful Dead for 23 years after Pig died, so I can understand the opinion that they could still tour under that name to this day.
I myself really, REALLY enjoy what we are getting from the individual bands (esp. FURTHUR) and as long as the fans, community, and band members are all happy then that's all that really matters, because after all "if all you have to live for is what you left behind, get yourself a powder charge and seal that silver mine"
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Re: Why doesn't Grateful Dead get back together?

#8076 3 years ago
let's hope for some magic at gathering of the vibes since both furthur and rythm devils will be there!
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