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Re: Bobby w/ 7 Walkers?

#77965 2 years, 11 months ago
I fell asleep but I heard what the stream sounded like before Bob came out so I'm not dissapointed about missing it.....

anyone got the setlist? ...... I imagine they played more then the few songs mentioned in this thread
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Re: Bobby w/ 7 Walkers?

#77966 2 years, 11 months ago
Wow, I missed this thread last night. Sounds like a good time was had by all
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Re: Bobby w/ 7 Walkers?

#78010 2 years, 11 months ago
It was a lot of fun, something special! And luckily, the stream improved considerably after a few songs. Here's a taste of it, with apologies to DW, but I didn't think it made sense to start another thread. Also, this was on Papa Mali's facebook page today: "Of the thousands of gigs I have played, tonight is one I will never forget. Thank you Billy for saving my seat on the bus until I was ready to hop on. Thank you San Francisco for being San Francisco. Thank you Bobby and Mickey for bringing the love. This Papa found a slice of heaven tonight. I am humbled and rejuvenated by the spirit that flows through the hands, hearts and souls of musicians of this caliber. God bless the Grateful Dead forever."

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Re: Bobby w/ 7 Walkers?

#78011 2 years, 11 months ago
Here is the 1st set but the stream was not so good.
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Re: Bobby w/ 7 Walkers?

#78023 2 years, 11 months ago
the show last night was pretty sweet. very cool to see Billy, Mickey and Bobby on one stage again. i was bummed that open taping was not allowed, but those were the instructions from the band and the house manager was firm about it so i agreed to play by the rules. it was actually a nice change of pace, as i was able to hang with friends right in front of the stage just a few feet from the band.

the lineup was… Billy K., Papa Mali, Reed Mathis, Matt Hubbard, Sikiru Adepoju (both sets), Mickey Hart (1set set), Bobby Weir (part of 1st set) and Maria Muldaur (Wang Dang Doodle).

Mickey was all smiles and seemed to be having a blast. he and Billy were right in synch with each other, and Sikiru added extra depth to the drumming dynamic. I also have to say that Reed Mathis on bass was spectacular!!! Bobby came on mid-way through the 1st set and stayed until the set finished (New Speedway, Bird Song, Fever, Wang Dang Doodle, Big Railroad Blues, Sugaree and Deal). Maria Muldaur also made a short appearance, sitting in for Wang Dang Doodle. the vibe between Bobby and Billy seemed a little "stand-offish"... not a lot of interaction between them on stage... but they were cordial toward one another and the music sounded excellent.

at set break Bobby’s gear and Mickey’s gear were removed from the stage, then the crew brought Mickey’s gear back and we were informed that Mickey was going to sit in for the 2nd set. a few minutes later the crew started breaking Mickey’s gear down again and said that he would not be back.

on the whole I absolutely loved the show. obviously the 1st set was the highlight (lasting 1 hour and 40 minutes), but the whole show was strong. in the 2nd set they just nailed “He’s Gone” and “Wharf Rat”. The “Lovelight” encore was also very hot, as was “Bottle Up and Go” (old John Lee Hooker tune).

this was my 2nd time seeing 7 Walkers. I was not real impressed the 1st time I saw them, but last night was pretty special and the band sounded pretty darn good.

It’ll be interesting to see if this was just a “one-off”, or if Bobby, Mickey and Billy play together again. Heck, maybe Phil might even want to join in the fun. I’ve been adamant in my opinion that the remaining four would never get together again, but after last night it doesn’t seem totally improbable. Regardless, it was a great show.
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Re: Bobby w/ 7 Walkers?

#78038 2 years, 11 months ago
Thanks Tsquared for the awesome review! I'm glad you got a chance to enjoy yourself and the show instead of worrying about all that taping equipment!

Awesome Sikiru was there too! I just love him. Mickey does seem to take him everywhere he goes. And thats a good thing!
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