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It's 4:20 and I feel like Pavlov's dogs lately

#76697 3 years ago
In an experiment many years ago a scientist named Pavlov was studying animal behavior. He used to ring a bell and then feed his dogs. After a while, the ringing of the bell alone was enough to get his dogs to salivate, as their bodies anticipated the food.

Lately, every time I see the time is 4:20 or the digital odometer in my car shows I am averaging 42.0 MPH or MPG, I get a certain urge. I cannot believe I'm alone, but I was curious if anyone else feels this.

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Re: It's 4:20 and I feel like Pavlov's dogs lately

#76702 3 years ago
I noticed for me how it's funny when I'm already smoking them look at the clock and low and behold it's 4:20. At least I know my internal clock is working!
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