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Re: someone in Mass should go say hello to this cr

#76723 2 years, 12 months ago
happyhead wrote:
Go ahead and try to tell me Bobby Weir didn't get to know a legion of 15 year old sugar magnolias in the 70s. Why don't you give Jimmy Page a visit too. Just trying to point out stome possible hypocracy here. Some dude on your block ends up on the list and he's open game. But what about Mick and Keith? Lemmy? Bowie? They all get a pass?

Apparently, Mick Jagger had sex with Mackenzie Phillips (Daughter of John Phillips from the Mamas and the Papas). She was like 18 (although when I first heard this story, I hear she was younger). It was consensual, and possibly even arranged by Papa John. She even accused her own father of raping her. If rockstars were sent to jail for sexually deviant behavior, the concert halls would be empty.

More on the story:
Standing on the moon with nothing left to do
A lovely view of heaven but I'd rather be with you
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"Why don't you arrest me"

Re: someone in Mass should go say hello to this cr

#76728 2 years, 12 months ago
Let me know where and when to bring my pitchfork and I will be there.

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Re: someone in Mass should go say hello to this cr

#79060 2 years, 11 months ago
I just got this email (and phone call blast) which makes me sick. We already had one child abducted in our neighborhood a few years ago by a creep. Thankfully they teach the kids how to deal with this stuff and the girl who was abducted got away and the perp was arrested.

XXXXXXX School District
Email Blast

An Important message to parents/guardians:

On Wednesday afternoon a student reported that she was approached near XXXXXX Middle School by an older man in a gold car who asked if she needed a ride. The student was able to leave the area safely and the car drove away. This incident is a reminder of the importance of speaking with children about stranger-danger.

For additional information please see our website for a letter from the Superintendent.

School District



It reminded me of this creep, who appears to be a pervert (a second girl claims he groped her too). Yes, pitchforks and cutting off his penis would be a good start for this bastard. At least he is off the streets. www.salemnews.com/local/x1415459477/More...-in-groping-incident

More charges expected in groping incident
By Julie Manganis
Staff writer The Salem News Wed Oct 26, 2011, 05:00 AM EDT

SALEM — Police say more charges are expected to be filed against a West Bridgewater teenager accused of groping a 15-year-old girl on the Essex Street pedestrian mall Saturday, after another young woman identified Yousef Hashem as the man who assaulted her a week earlier on Derby Street.

Hashem, 18, pleaded not guilty to a charge of indecent assault and battery and disturbing the peace during his arraignment yesterday in Salem District Court, where his bail was increased from $500 to $10,000 cash.

Hashem's family immediately posted the increased bail, and he was released with conditions that include an electronic monitoring bracelet, home confinement and no contact with the victim or anyone else under 18. He was also ordered to stay out of Salem.

Hashem's father, Ray Hashem, who owns the concession stand where his son was working until Monday night, insisted yesterday that the incident was a misunderstanding.

"My son, from what I know, is innocent," Ray Hashem told reporters outside the courthouse.

But Salem police Lt. Conrad Prosniewski said that what the girl described to police early Saturday evening was no accident, but instead an assault that sent her to her knees, screaming.

The girl's father chased Hashem through the pedestrian mall. He was eventually stopped near Murphy's, a Derby Street bar, by employees and bystanders.

The girl told police that she was grabbed by the crotch.

Hashem, while he was being detained, said he had accidentally brushed against the girl.

His father offered reporters a very detailed description of what his son claims actually happened.

"My son was working with me every minute of the day," Ray Hashem said. "He had to carry 60 pounds of product to the Common. Then he had to go to the bathroom, and he didn't want to use the portable (toilets) because he had to go number two, so he went to a restaurant bathroom. His sister was telling him to hurry up. The street was very crowded. He trips. As he's trying to catch himself, he brushes up against someone."

Ray Hashem said his son was running because his sister was telling him to hurry. "The next thing, four, five guys tackle him."

Police say, however, that there have been four reported incidents involving young women or teenage girls being groped, including two on Oct. 16.

One of the victims of a groping on Oct. 16, an 18-year-old, said she was grabbed between the legs as she walked near the South Harbor Parking Garage.

Prosniewski said that woman identified Hashem from a photo array.

Because of the earlier incident, prosecutor Patrick Collins filed and was granted a request to increase Hashem's bail and add the conditions.

Fiesta Shows runs the carnival on Derby Street where Hashem had been working at his father's concession stand. The carnival has been in place since Oct. 12 for the Haunted Happenings festival. Ray Hashem's stand is a subcontractor of Fiesta Shows, and he has booths at the carnival and on Salem Common.

Hashem, who left the court through a side door while his father was speaking to reporters, is due back in court on Dec. 9.

Courts reporter Julie Manganis may be reached at 978-338-2521 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
FFF! Family is Forever!!!

May God bless and keep you always
May your wishes all come true
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And let others do for you
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"Why don't you arrest me"

Re: someone in Mass should go say hello to this cr

#79065 2 years, 11 months ago
I hate creeps.
She tries to live by the golden rule.
Said you treat other people right,
Other people probably treat you cool.
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