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David Lemieux Announces New Live Series

#76205 3 years ago
From Rolling Stone:

A new limited-edition archival release series that’s modeled very much in the image of the storied Dick's Picks series, which was discontinued in 2005 – six years after its namesake, Dick Latvala, passed away – is being launched by Grateful Dead's current archivist, David Lemieux, who took over for Latvala in September 1999. And now, instead of Dick's Picks, it will be called Dave's Picks.

The entire story, along with a kind version of Music Never Stopped is here: www.rollingstone.com/music/news/grateful...live-series-20111024

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Re: David Lemieux Announces New Live Series

#76208 3 years ago
I'm glad they're going back to the complete show format a la Dick's Picks.
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Re: David Lemieux Announces New Live Series

#76221 3 years ago
Very cool.

Thanks for posting.

Relevence Rated material.

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Re: David Lemieux Announces New Live Series

#76259 3 years ago
Hopefully they will dig a bit deeper into the vault this time. Except for only a couple releases I already had most of their choices, good sounding boards with usually only small pieces missing in the entire show. I would love to see some less well known shows from this. Still lots of great tours weve never seen officially released. I jazzed for this.
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