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Paige MoonDancer
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Re: DNB Valentine Benefit and Tour

#244456 1 year, 7 months ago
Mookie cookie?

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Paige MoonDancer
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Re: DNB Valentine Benefit and Tour

#244460 1 year, 7 months ago
83msg1sttyme wrote:
thats great news. i wish you both tons of success with your new buisness.when its up and running message me the info maybe we can buy some of your work


Its called Phoenix Flower Embroidery

I have some postcards made up on the fly

We have a 15 colors rainbow array of colors and can do embroidery in the design of your choice on material ranging from leather to fine lingerie

and of course Patches!

Thank you all for your Compassion and Love

God Bless Everyone!!!!!!
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Paige MoonDancer
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Re: DNB Valentine Benefit and Tour

#244461 1 year, 7 months ago
Here are some thank you postcards I made that I wanted to share too


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Re: DNB Valentine Benefit and Tour

#248126 1 year, 7 months ago
Thanks for the gift and kind words Paige..

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Paige MoonDancer
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Re: Going Down the Road Feeling Glad...

#249505 1 year, 7 months ago
There was a voice crying in the wilderness
In the desert of Judah
a man spoke the truth and made the way
wilder than the buzzing of bees and and the dry songs of locusts
in the burning sand
in a camel-hair suit man
He turned others to the truth
of life
in the sweet water




Then came awalking his cousin
the Lamb of God as a man
still a carpenter
walking with a staff
like a good shepherd-man


He went to the River Jesus unto John
and when he came up a Light so bright Shone


the Door to Heaven opened, the Holy Spirit like a Dove
flew to the Heart of the Lamb


All at once,
for 40 days
Into the Jordan desert
Jesus was lead
a trial for the road ahead
40 days
no food no bread
40 days
thrist and temptation
40 days
he passed the test
that no other man can say
then the angels gave him rest


the Essene John lost his head
when Herod wished to bed
his daughter Salome
her mother wanted John to pay
for saying what he had to say



Jesus grieved for John
and before very long he went to the Sea
the Sea of Galilee with hills of red anemones
to fish for men to make them free
for now and all eternity
on the white shores of Galilee


Andrew the Essene first on the scene
Peter the Rock saw his nets burst
Sons of Thunder James and John
left their nets, left their homes
the one the two the three
the four go with him along the shore
on the road to fish not for fish, but for men




In the towns on Galillee
these four men were joined by more and more
All did see the love of Jesus' ministry
the Kingdom of Heaven is within
the secret that turns water into wine


that heals


that teaches peace













Forgiveness is the Key to every Door
He taught the very poor
the lame the blind, everyone left behind
the tax collector
the crazy whore
Everyone knew Jesus as one of a Kind
but what kind they weren't quite sure



The carpenter's son read from Isaiah
"The Spirit of the Lord is upon me
because he has anointed me to preach
good news to the poor"


Many could not see
the light in words that had to be
and violence was their answer
to kill the peaceful master
but the story doesn't end here
if it ever does at all

High up in on Mt Hermon in the north
whiter than the whitest snow
was Jesus's soul
John, James, and Peter were there to show
Three disciples in the know


In Jerusalem
The seed of truth would grow
in spite of men mean and low




He went to the hills to pray
and stayed there the winter days
with the Spring he returned
for Passover in Jerusalem



red anemones beneath his feet
a white colt beneath his seat
everyone he did meet placed palms in his path
as he rode into Jerusalem on an ass




in the Temple he turned the tables
Men plotted against him, this man was too able!



At the Passover meal the disciples didn't know how real
every movement meant much more than it seemed
and the words that he spoke were heard like a dream
He is the Lamb that they will kill



Judas got up and ran down the road
20 coins of silver is a heavy load


Jesus was taken to town
in rope his hands were bound
before the priests and he was taken down
to Pilates courts then Herods palace
so many people filled with malice







He was beaten, he was mocked
His head a bloody crown of briar
they laughed to call him king

sitting by the fire
Peter in the dawn of dark
heard the early sound of the cock
and knew himself a liar

Christ had the Cross the bear
to the hill of the skull
Who was changed there
he made the curse of evil null








They carried his body to the tomb
a stone cave cut and hewn
and prepared his body like a seed for the womb



They all thought that he was done
behind a rock that could not roll
the future looked bleak with life on the run

but Jesus was the Son
in hell souls he fed with his word
believers of the grateful dead
rose with him to live again


3 days later he did rise
much to everyones surprise




Thomas could not believe his eyes


There is Hope Everlasting and Eternal Life







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Paige MoonDancer
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Re: DNB Valentine Benefit and Tour

#249750 1 year, 7 months ago
Some pictures of Phil with DNB on Jasper's birthday December 15th, 2012 at TC
photos courtesy of Dan Ward












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R U Kind?

Re: DNB Valentine Benefit and Tour

#257944 1 year, 5 months ago
Bumping my 'HAPPY" thread. Much good love to you and your loved ones my sweet sister
FFF! Family is Forever!!!

May God bless and keep you always
May your wishes all come true
May you always do for others
And let others do for you
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Re: DNB Valentine Benefit and Tour

#258155 1 year, 5 months ago
scar1et_f1re wrote:
Bumping my 'HAPPY" thread. Much good love to you and your loved ones my sweet sister

Hey Now Robert,

How are you?

Easter was good. I decorated eggs and made an easter cake.

There was a lot of waiting for the embroidery machine, many delays with its delivery. We rented a uhaul and went down to get it from Sacramento, where it ending up after the trucking people would not deliver it to our little mountain town.

We had help show up out of the blue. 7 men helped get the machine up the stairs into the rental. Everyman got an Easter egg and a piece of cake.

I said God Bless you and if any of you need help from me just ask,
To which they broke out in laughter

They all liked the cake and egg and they all got to hear our story.

The next day I saw one of the men who helped the evening before take off towards the woods faster than usual on his atv. I didnt think to much about it except that he was faster than usual.

I heard what sounded like a childs voice crying.

I walked down towards the path to the woods and as I entered the woods the sound was silent and the light on the trees was very beautiful through the gently moving leaves.

I kept walking.

A chubby boy about 12 charged through the woods towards me very panicked and put of breath.

I asked what happened?

He said between breaths that a little girl flipped over the handlebars of an atv and was opened up. The older childern had dragged her as far as they could and then all ran to get help. He said the towns volunteer firefighters were ther now with her.

I said show me where they are.

The two firemen were kneeling beside her tiny body, staring at her struggling to breathe.

I said I am a nurse and I live here, I came to help.

They said please

I lifted up her shirt and there was a 5 inch by 2 inch hole in her left ribcage.

I looked at her wound and I looked at them and said her lung is visible we need a vasline dressing on her now.

They were not experienced in this type of trauma beyond basic senerio training and welcomed my help. I found the occulsive bandage in their kit and insructed them on how to put it on. One of the men got of the o2 and put the mask on her face.

With the o2 and the pressure needed to breathe somewhat restored by the bandage, she recovered enough energy to feel the pain and cried out It Hurts Im scared

Her Mother and a family friend, the man on the atv who had helped the day before showed up. Mom was hysterical.

I asked what her name was. She had blue eyes like flax flowers with yellow spots in them. The EMTs from Chico finally arrived but parked far away. I went to get them and stayed with this little girl until I was confident that she was in good hands.
They sent a helicopter and landed it in the baseball field behind the abandoned town school.

Her grandfather came over the next day to thank me and he gave me tomatoe plants.

Current status: She is alive and doing well in physical rehab after surgery at UC Davis.


in my family of origin, two great sadnesses occurred. The first, I am not ready to talk about, and perhaps I never will be.
The second was the passing of my maternal grandfather, who was a kind man.

There was sadness but also happiness, chiefly that my music family demostrated such love towards me. And that out of that love was coming all sorts of good energy.

We got the machine going and Jasper took to it right away.

We had been invited to a very special birthday party.........
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dr bakes
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Dizzy ain't the word for the way you're makin me

Re: DNB Valentine Benefit and Tour

#258158 1 year, 5 months ago
Great job Paige, bless you.
Strangers stopping strangers just to shake their hand
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Re: DNB Valentine Benefit and Tour

#258162 1 year, 5 months ago
dr bakes wrote:
Great job Paige, bless you.

God Bless you too my Dear Friend:)))

Are you going to Berkeley shows?
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Life is sweeter for this!

Paige is a Hero!

#258163 1 year, 5 months ago
Paige, that's twice this year you've been in the right place at the right time in order to help literally save a life!! Someone is clearly guiding your path with a purpose in mind. It's an understatement to say that little girl was blessed to have you there!

You are an amazing woman. While you know I'm sending you sympathy on the loss of your grandfather, even more I'm wishing you good luck and success with the new business!!
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Paige MoonDancer
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Re: DNB Valentine Benefit and Tour

#258164 1 year, 5 months ago
Oh my

Can we no longer post pictures here?

They won't attach.
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