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Dire Wolf
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when the police knocked y'all...

I love Whiskey

#75894 3 years ago
We need this thread.

My favorites I already listed and they are always changing to suite my tastes at the time. Recently I've gotten on a bourbon kick which is odd because it was always to sweet for me to enjoy but lately have really gotten a taste for it.

Wild Turkey Rare Breed
Berskshire Bourbon
Island Head
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Re: I love Whiskey

#75901 3 years ago
So Does Jerry

Daisy Mae
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Re: I love Whiskey

#75929 3 years ago
Knob Creek is my bourbon of choice. Meetcha in the park this NYE for a few quick shots (if you're down), then it's inside and let the good times roll.
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Re: I love Whiskey

#75986 3 years ago
None for me anymore. I prefer beer. I was too crazy on that shit. At least that's what I'm told, I thought it was perfectly normal.
Walk in the Sunshine
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Re: I love Whiskey

#75996 3 years ago
Looks like me & Dire Wolf agree on one thing. Cheers!
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