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Island Head
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It's Show Time!

#75877 3 years ago
Welcome back to our regularly scheduled program. Today feature is 6th night from the great 9 night run at MSG in the fall of 1988. I went to 8 out of the 9 nights but couldn't get a ticket for the last night which was a rain forest benefit with Hall & Oats. So without FURTHUR ado,

Walk in the Sunshine
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Re: It's Show Time!

#75885 3 years ago
HAHA I was at the first 3. You didn't miss anything on 9/24 ... I heard it live ..and besides a super enormous rain forest drums space... that show sucked bad. Jerrys voice was TOTALLY shot ..worst I ever heard em.. and the band was beyond tired. Even Mick Taylor couldn't save this one. BUT don't you know this should be in the MUSIC forum!!!! How dare you post such a thing here on the general discussion board!
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