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A Different Side Of Jerry

#75589 3 years ago
Understatement of the century at 2:09

Sometimes we live no particular way but our own
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Re: A Different Side Of Jerry

#75592 3 years ago
I think Jerry got busted in golden gate park on the way home from filming this with his bag of "sugar".
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Re: A Different Side Of Jerry

#75619 3 years ago
i have this on a dvd, can't remember which one, all sorts of weird little skits on some of those released dvd's
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Re: A Different Side Of Jerry

#75628 3 years ago
i can't quite figure out if this a comedy skit or what.....
The Sailor, coming out again, the lady fairly leapt at him.
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Re: A Different Side Of Jerry

#75641 3 years ago
the skit was from the ticket to new years vhs release
the date was 12/31/87
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Re: A Different Side Of Jerry

#75650 3 years ago
Ok, wow my mind is blown. Kinda weird and silly.
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Re: A Different Side Of Jerry

#75686 3 years ago
This was a great period of time,87-88 I think...he was just loving life at this time!
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Re: A Different Side Of Jerry

#75704 3 years ago
I find it amazing that the interviewer (Al Frankin) a Harvard graduate, was recently elected to the US Senate (representing Minnesota). We are everywhere!

Here's a touch of an interview Al gave with jambands .back in 2006. You can read the entire interview at:


It’s a rare treat to interview someone who made your childhood that much brighter, but Stuart Smalley himself, Al Franken, was nice enough to take a break from his radio show to talk about his Grateful Dead experiences. He saw his first show after graduating from Harvard, and his last show while making Stuart Saves His Family in Las Vegas (I don’t care what anyone says. The movie is an American classic.).

“That last show was really special,” Franken said. “I took my daughter backstage and she got to meet Jerry.”

Franken, unlike the casual Deadhead (and casual Deadhead may be an oxymoron), knew the band, and worked with them, putting on sketches for NYE extravaganzas, getting the band on Saturday Night Live, and even writing a move entitled “One More Saturday Night.” He shared stories about being backstage, in front of the stage, and even in production with, the Grateful Dead.

FFF! Family is Forever!!!

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Re: A Different Side Of Jerry

#75924 3 years ago
Also, at 2:35 look how Jerry reacts to that big bag of "sugar"!
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