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the highway terror
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my new dead-mobile !

#75475 3 years ago
my buddy was cleaning out his garage and laid this on me today.
I wish i could show a picture because this thing is cool.
he gave me a johnny lightning grateful dead hearse
I dont know how old it is but it's in great shape with all the decals intact and the wheels nice n straight
anyone know what toy cars are worth ?
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Re: my new dead-mobile !

#75478 3 years ago
Saw a listing on ebay for about $100.
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Re: my new dead-mobile !

#75479 3 years ago
Whoever bought that got screwed. There's one listed now for $4.99. www.ebay.com/itm/Johnny-Lightning-1966-C...;hash=item2eb8a38ee7

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Re: my new dead-mobile !

#75499 3 years ago
hahah that is awesome!

no where else but a garage cleaning
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