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9 Days without a cigarette!!!!

#75262 3 years ago
kinda want to shoot myself in the face...good thing i cant find it.


any helpful tips?
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Re: 9 Days without a cigarette!!!!

#75267 3 years ago
Good going. I quit for a year and then started again. Worst drunken decision I have ever made, and that is saying something. After 9 days the worst should be over. Just know that it is way hard to quit the next time.
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Re: 9 Days without a cigarette!!!!

#75269 3 years ago
Quitting does suck I've quit and quit quitting so many times I've lost count good luck.
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Re: 9 Days without a cigarette!!!!

#75270 3 years ago
good for you man stick with it

i smoked 1-2 packs a day for 6 years from 14-20, quit for 3 1/2 years and since april i've been smoking a little bit (heavily on tour)..i have 3 left in this pack that i have been telling myself is my last...gonna quit again by the end of the weekend, since cutting back this week i've already felt a dramatic loss in that need for a smoke

cold turkey was the way i did it the first time, using my mind is how i'll do it again
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Re: 9 Days without a cigarette!!!!

#75273 3 years ago
Good for you!! Though it does pretty much suck, doesn't it? However, you're smart to do it now and not smoke for 30 years and then do it, after you've already wasted thousands of dollars and trashed your lungs, so keep it up!! You're already through the worst of it, you can definitely make it now. And if you do have a cigarette, don't use that as an excuse to go back to smoking, just quit again. And again, and again and again until they don't taste good any more, which really will happen. It took me three years to finally be completely smoke free; there was always an excuse to bum one or buy a pack. Then the last couple I bummed, a few months apart, tasted like crap and I knew I was finally a non-cigarette smoker. And you are too, now!! If you get a craving, remember whatever the problem is will still be there in 5 minutes after the cigarette is over, so take a walk, do some jumping jacks, have sex or smoke something non-tobacco, the craving will pass!

So keep up the good work, it's a hard thing to do so pat yourself on the back and reward yourself with something fun and non-tobacco related!! And remember this is the smartest thing you'll ever do!!
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Re: 9 Days without a cigarette!!!!

#75495 2 years, 12 months ago
Congratulations 9 days is great!!! I quit for 10 ten years and started up again 3 years ago whenI was in Florida and everyone smoking looked like they were enjoying themselves so much. I thought I could control it and just have one or 2 a day I was wrong.
The turmoil of today has caused me to reevaluate my values .I dont want to be a part of the collective nightmare in mainstream society. I want to be with people that embrace my dreams and offer me hope. And believe in a world where all living beings live in peace love and harmony. Thank you Furthur Family.
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