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Re: has furthur lost their consistency?

#74610 3 years ago
This thread? WOW!

I have seen all of the New York City area shows and only the first night at the Nokia 2009 where Bob was smashed, ambien, etc, etc, was a turkey. All of the others were great! Not that they did not slip up a bit, but still, they were great. Consistent.

So this is worrying to hear.

I do hope Furthur continues rather than another Dead tour or solo bands, Friends, and Dog. I would love to see Billy and Mickey join in w/Furthur for a three man percussion/drum line-up.

Can you imagine that!
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Re: has furthur lost their consistency?

#74623 3 years ago
Well this is quite a thread. Heavier than the usual stuff I've seen here over the past few months. I haven't heard anything from the West Coast tour so I can't comment about that. I'm sorry to hear parts of it may have been disappointing and uneven. I saw two shows last Nov. and three this Spring and I was happy with all of them. I remember thinking at the time that Furthur was more consistent than the Grateful Dead that I saw from '92-'95.

The Bob issue, well, Bob is Bob. He's not going to change. He can be a stubborn cuss on stage with JK. (I thought) Bob gave JK a hard time at Hampton during the Black Peter and Maggies Farm - cutting off his licks and generally not being a team player. But those are the breaks, JK is a big boy and he stepped up and delivered later on. I have no doubt Bob is a sweetheart off stage - on stage, I think there's some room to complain, but how long has this debate taken place? He is who he is, warts and all. Phil can't sing very well but insists on doing it to the exclusion of Sunshine and Jeff, Russo seems to be a bit lazy in pushing the tempo, Jeff bangs around off-key sometimes, so there's plenty nitpicking to go around. For me, I don't see the sense in complaining. It's the spirit I like. The GD was never perfect but it reached such HIGH places that you forget or at least forgive the quirks. I have reached similarly high places with Furthur, and I am happy Bob and Phil are playing together because they aren't going to be around forever. Enjoy the good parts while you can! Peace!
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Re: has furthur lost their consistency?

#74638 3 years ago
I always get much much more greatness out of show than not. Some shows are better than others. I mean i remember last nye I wanted to hear a shakedown so bad, I mean I needed it. So it was first set about to open and I screamed out shakedown and booooooooooooom. And everybody looked at me and said he called it. So the could of played terrible that night which of course they didnt and everything would of been great just cause of shakedown. I think most shows even if there off it's still a great show. I mean ya bob shouldn't do black Peter it kinda is a buzz kill for me and same with phil singing eyes and franklins. There ain't such thing to me as a inconsistent show. Every show is a good show and it helps that we all have a good tine inside and outside the show. It woulnt be the same if it was a Barry Manilow audience at a gd show. That would be awful. No offense to Barry. Can't wait til nye
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Re: has furthur lost their consistency?

#74649 3 years ago
newyawker wrote:
wlewis wrote:
newyawker wrote:
wlewis wrote:
otherone78 wrote:
Furthur is on a very high level of consistency, even when its not killer, its still damn good. Obviously much more consistent then anything the GD were able to do in the 90's. Jerry's voice had major issues regularly and often forgot where he was mid song, Im not sure he ever got Days Between totally right lyrically but we still supported him and his music. Furthur delivers as if they were all 30 year olds again, if this was baseball I would wonder if they were using performance enhancing drugs.

finally there we go somebody hit something i am surprised was never mentioned...how inconsistent the grateful dead could be...being one who never saw but listened to entire years in chronological order, you can hear it on the tapes..sure there are exceptions but to say furthur is more consistent than the grateful dead says that furthur was or is consistent

William, I said this in an earlier post;

Perhaps this is new to some but for myself since I have been on the bus and from reading the history of the dead, this has always been the case. Read some interviews with jerry and you will hear the same statements and sentiments. We are a tough crowd to please for sure. My complaint in the mid 80's was they seemed to have a 20 song selction that was continuosly rotated.(hyperbole). An example of this. 1984-1986 had some fantastic shows and some terrible shows. Garcia was 400 lbs, couldnt breathe, could barley walk on stage. I saw the last leg before the coma and most were just a waste. post coma brought the best since I have seen them. 88-90 is as good as any span when speaking of consistancy. post brent had its ups and downs. I was not a big Vince fan so that brought some baggage with it for me. 94 and 95 had glimpses of strength, but most shows I saw I wish I stayed home.

Post GD is riddled with the same roller coaster as it has been from the beginning. Remember cats, there is nothing new under the sun. This was true in Solomons day as well as today. I go less frequently now than I used to and have a good time. I enjoy getting back together with old friends for a few shows and am thankful they still play.

As far as Furthur, there does seem to be a lack of cohesiveness. Remember, when the GD played, the whole is greater than the sum of all the parts. Add in the age of Phil and Bob, new musicians etc etc. Our expectations must be filtered through this. They must be beat to hell during a tour. This November run will be extremely exhausting. I hope they last!!!!!!

My advice is to enjoy the bad with the good. When they suck say they suck, when they are great, well that was always a special special feeling for me. Even if not at a show that is hot, listen to it with joy and enjoy it.

As an aside, perhaps Bob should shave. It does make him look 100 yrs old!!!!

i did read that, seemed like you were trying to avoid saying they were inconsistent so i didn't want to assume either way...

in my experience speaking with people who've seen many grateful dead shows, a common thought amongst these folks when discussing the band and music was a consistency furthur could show in a weekend or 5 nights that GD had trouble doing in their later years...i can only comment on what i see, what i hear on recordings, and what primary sources tell me but i think having band members not plagued by serious drug addictions gives us more stability

edit: with that "stability" comes many opportunities for other things to affect the music, heavy touring, age of musicians, etc

Oh my, The GD was inconsistent for their whole life. But, and this is a big BUT, this inconsistency never outweighed the magic that surrounded them. The music literally played the band. The connection they had together is beyond any of our comprehension. Out of mistakes came many memorable moments for me. The connection, the magic, the just 'knowing' what the other person will do within the GD will NEVER be xeroxed by FURTHUR. Just listen to some jams by the GD and how long it would take to go into the next song. You know the song is coming but the band would spiral you to the edge of the cliff and bring you back 7 times before actually playing the song. It just brings a smile to my face hearing the notes of Other One coming out of space or truckin and watching them weave together a tapestry. I do not believe Furthur has this ability.

i couldn't agree with you anymore
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Re: has furthur lost their consistency?

#74720 3 years ago
I thought that Eugene was off the charts - psychedelic, jazzy, amazing. Red Rocks was right there too. So my answer is they are continuing to improve and soar!
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