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Dire Wolf
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How Old and in the Way is Everybody?

#73487 3 years ago
I've been wondering if most people on the forum are younger or older heads. It's hard to tell sometimes when people talk about themselves and it would just be interesting to know. Seems like some of the oldest people on this forum were only going to shows in the late 70's at the earliest?! Is this a correct assumption.? I thought for sure Platydude was gonna be at least 30 but when I found out he bailed on tour and that he was much younger I was shocked and surprised! Same goes for wlewis, thought you were an old tour head but your're only 24! So how did everybody get into Furthur and the Grateful Dead? Parents, college, music teacher, friends, grandparents? My parents introduced me when I was very young as they had records lying around the house and so I kinda of grew up listening to the music. But when did it start for everyone else?

Any great stories about why and how you got into the music?!
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Re: How Old and in the Way is Everybody?

#73490 3 years ago
i'm only 20 so no i didn't get the fortune of seeing jerry but i grew up around the music my parents both saw the dead maybe like 40ish times so i grew up listening to the old stuff along with the stones and beatles etc. saw phil and friends 6/17/08 and that was my first "dead" related show and it was all downhill from there i believe that was in 10th grade...i went from being a casual fan to being completely obsessed
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Re: How Old and in the Way is Everybody?

#73493 3 years ago
I've said it before and I'll say it again... chronologically 46, mentally 12, physically about 450. Older brother and neighbor got into the gd late 70's.. I got an 8 track of skeltons from the closet and played it over and over .. went to my first show spring 81 "the bus came by and I got on thats when it all began........."
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Re: How Old and in the Way is Everybody?

#73496 3 years ago
My first live show was in '82, after listening for a couple years. Mostly it was because of an unfortunate crush on an East Coast head. Thank heavens I got over that part of it!
We had a thread a couple of months ago with folk's ages. Here are the statistics from that:
SunshineSue wrote:
Here are the latest numbers on this happy little group. : )

Sample size = 59 Furthur Forum Family members

Range: 16 - 56 years

Average: 37.9

Median: 40

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Re: How Old and in the Way is Everybody?

#73502 3 years ago
I got into it the same as you Direwolf. The parents had records, laying around the house. I always loved the artwork and after playing American Beauty hundreds of times I was hooked. I also remember reading an article in my parents rolling stone mag in 1985. It told the history of the the band and had a lot about pigpen. He sounded like the coolest guy in the world to my 14 year old brain. Funny but he seems the same now toy 40 year old brain.

I almost got to go to my first show in 87, Dylan and the dead at the Akron rubber bowl. My guitar teacher was going, and invited me. As cool as my parents were they knew he was also a junkie, and denied me. Maybe that was a good thing because from all accounts it was a bad show and I may of got off the bus before I really ever got on.

Richfield 1990 changed my life. Here I am today still on the bus, but have a great wife-best friend, and 2 kids to share it with today.
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Re: How Old and in the Way is Everybody?

#73506 3 years ago
My freshman year at University of Maryland in 1981 I met a bunch of Deadheads that turned me on to the music. I camped out tickets to my first show 4/19/82 at the Baltimore Civic Center. I saw the first Touch of Grey at the Capital Center that fall. By the time Jerry left us in '95 I had seen him play about 250 times.
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Re: How Old and in the Way is Everybody?

#73507 3 years ago
I'm 33. My first show was in 93. It's was a jgb. From that day on it's been a serious obsession.
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Re: How Old and in the Way is Everybody?

#73531 3 years ago
I'm 49, my older brothers got me Blues for Allah album for Christmas just so they could listen to it. I played it allll the time. I would draw the skeleton playin' the violin on the cover while listening.Saw my 1st show out west at Irvine Meadows then moved back to the midwest and saw every show at Alpine and Deer Creek. Still cannot get enough.
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Re: How Old and in the Way is Everybody?

#73535 3 years ago
I'm 38 (39 in February) & I was started YOUNG..... My first show was in 85 at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, GA. I'm a Georgia native, so during that fateful afternoon of 10/28/85, I was a "leader in training" at a local "Y" camp. The leader of my cabin, Kenny, told me we were going into Atlanta to have some fun on a "night out". Little did I know I was about to embark on an adventure that would change my life forever. I was amazed, in awe, & overwhelmed.....oh yeah, & I was 13 years old!! If youve ever been to the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, you can relate - there is a reason they call it the "Fabulous Fox". The Dead sucked me in , chewed me up & spit me out a completely changed person that night. I was hookled & "on the bus" from then on. I followed the dead the better part of my youth up & down the eastern seaboard all the way until 1995. Giants Stadium, Philly Spectrum, MSG, Alpine Valley, Soldier Field, RFK, Hampton Coliseum, you name it I was there. If the fellas were within a 500 mile radius of me, I was gonna make a trip!

I saw Ratdog a few times in the late 90's & attended a Furthur festival as well, but I longed for the good ole Grateful Dead.

Last February, I was in San Francisco for business & met up with my cousin, who lives in Sebastopol, CA to take in the sights. While enjoying a few Proving Ground pale ale's at Magnolia's in the Haight, the conversation turned to Furthur. She said that i HAD to go see the band & I wouldn't be disappointed. Well, fast forward a few months to Furthur at the Fox in April (4/3/11) & I was blown away.....seriously. The closest I had been to a Dead show in damn near 17 years!! I was hooked again.

I had always told my wife that my one regret was never seeing the Dead out west....so, being the best spouse on earth, she presents me with tickets to both nights at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles for 10/5 & 10/6/2011. I went and had a fabulous time. TWO nights of bliss on the West coast.....Bertha, Cumberland, Magnolia Mtn, Brown Eyed Women Peggy-O, Crazy Fingers, Eyes, He's Gone, Terrapin, Days Between - All from the 5th row at the Greek (See the attached photo from the first night)! The second night was just as sweet.....Cassidy, Here Comes the Sun, Color of the Rain, Death dont have no mercy, RIPPLE!! Know you rider, St Stephen, Other One, SO MANY ROADS, UJB.....

I wept like a baby during Attics of my Life.....Broke down and WEPT. Thanks to all how steered me into the Furthur Family....count me as one damn lucky deadhead who's still not done dancin'!!
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Re: How Old and in the Way is Everybody?

#73537 3 years ago
44 started going to shows in 83 listened to em before that went to shows every year they played till jerry died never kept a tally of the actual number attended but its up there.got albums,tapes ,cds ,dvds this new thing called the internet makes it so much easier to be a head music/videos is so easy to come by now.i believe almost all shows will be broadcast soon so the boys dont have to tour cept for the odd show here there
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