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#72949 3 years ago
Has any ever gotten dosed (un known to them) at a show and was it good or bad experience? Saturday in Monterey I was as well as my friend with me. I don't normally dose anymore so when I started feeling dosed I just wrote it off as pre show excitement. Soon songs became hard to recognize and my friend tells me she is really high. We just went with it and it really enhanced the show for us. Except for going through airport security after the show to catch flight home iwas really fun. I could see if you weren't experienced though it could be freaky. Has this happened to anyone else?
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Re: Dosed?

#72953 3 years ago
Happened to me at my first GD show in '74. I was 16, way more into the Stones, Bowie, that sort of thing. Somebody either dosed my Coke or maybe passed me a joint with some DMT in it. That stuff was still around back then. Whatever, I was much higher than I'd ever been before, and I'd been smoking pot regularly for about a year at that point.

The whole night was one long sonic wash. I did know a number of the Dead's songs but this was '74, after all, and even El Paso could go pretty deep. And there was also the Seastones set that Phil and Ned Lagin performed between the regular Dead sets... At various points I'd focus on the music and then just float off into some other universe.

I really can't say if it was a good or bad experience. I was still quite young and I didn't have anything to compare it to. That might have been a good thing as I didn't know enough to panic. There were moments when I was certainly uncomfortable -- a little scared -- trying to get my bearings and wondering how long this would go on. But there were other times when I was just fascinated by how the crowd on the floor looked like one big neon sphere.

It certainly wasn't the last time I tripped. But after that night I pretty much stopped smoking for about two years and mostly stuck with beer when I wanted to party. That all changed when I got to college -- big city, late '70s, hundreds of Deadheads on and around campus. But that's another story.
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Re: Dosed?

#72957 3 years ago
Never at a show. I have been unknowingly rubbed with molecule at clubs. Back when rolls were first coming into clubs the dj's would send people out into the crowd and dose a few people who were dancing. It made for some great crowds and some really exceptional good times. This was at Crobar in Chicago around 97-98. A couple of times they got me pretty good.
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Re: Dosed?

#72978 3 years ago
i really can't tell you how many times i've been dosed because i don't k now...the most notable i think was at furthur festival, communal jugs of whatever being passed around i'll never forget it, the walls completely caved in, but in a good way, and i embraced it fully...i think i enjoy being dosed more rather than willingly ingesting it
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