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katie mae
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Re: No More Monterey?

#72515 3 years ago
Bilbo wrote:
Kinda thinkin' that Bob and Phil would like to see things sorted out on there on our own ...in other words, we need to clean up our act, the whole thing. Could it be that someones, somehows creates a separate 'scene' that is made up of those who truly appreciate what the Dead conveyed to us all those many years? That of Brother and Sisterhood and good old hippie values, and us older heads remember what those are. When in Eugene for the showsthe local history musem had an exhibit called "tye-dyed and tofu, a collection of the early hippy movement in Eugene"... How cool! Granny dresses and ornate roach clips, the early days of the Country Fair, the early co-ops and coffee houses and communes. How can we muddle throught the black muddy river and come up on the other side of the big river where she kneels and fills the water bottle? Any ideas? Older heads, any reflections. Gone are the days when the ox fall down....

Bilbo, I'm starting to feel like a dinosaur at shows (and I'm not even that old!) because so many people are either there for the drugs, or on their phones or yapping the whole show. The scene is supposed to be all about the music, brotherhood, people of all types coming together to share a magical moment where this music can bring us all together and at the same time allow us all our own head trip during the show, isn't it? Sadly, there are a growing number of folks who seem to be at shows because they think it's:

A. A cool place to get fucked up and nobody will care
B. A cool place to beg for money and free tickets and free anything else
C. A place to come and spend the show texting or talking

I don't understand why any of the above bother to clog up a show venue. Group A can stay home and get fukked up in the privacy and safety of their own homes. Group B should get a job and stop sponging and begging when they're all able bodied folks. And Group C, don't know why they waste their money if they're going to spend all night texting or talking. Sort of negates the whole experience of a show, which you sort of need to surrender to if you're going to get anything out of it.

Anyway, yeah, the entire block to the left of the Fairgrounds entrance looked like a war zone Sat. night. We walked down that way and if you had never seen that sort of scene before I can imagine it would have been scary to some folks. I don't get the being dirty, fukked up, begging for shit crew. Stay home man. Don't mess up the scene for everyone who's there for the music. As a 30-year member of this community, I have to say I was really embarrassed by how this particular group of people behaved in Monterey. In fact, Sunday morning on our way out of town, we drove past the Fairground entrance because I wanted to see what was going on there and although the staff had cleaned the street and you'd never know the crap that was there the night before, there were still vagabonds loitering around the parking lot of some store at the end of the street, and a couple of really shitty broken down looking buses were parked where they shouldn't be. If you're bussing it, park somewhere discreet or shell out a few bucks for a camper lot. It's disrespectful to the folks living in that area to park wherever you want and/or just hang out in front of businesses looking like you haven't bathed in a month, asking for handouts. These people aren't Deadheads, they're lazy deadbeat scammers...my opinion of course, but I do not consider anyone who disrespects the area the Band is playing in, or who spend the entire show running their yap or texting to be a true head. They're just posers and they're giving those who are there for the music - and the Band - a bad name. That's not cool.

What do we do about it? I'm not sure. The band has for many years asked folks not to come to a show if they don't have a ticket. For a place like Monterey it's difficult to manage that because there's no actual lot per se. But I do think maybe they ought to consider various approaches to keeping people from scamming. A few ideas:

1. Have someone front the Front of House staff give out tickets - deli style numbers - to people as they line up, both in the handicap and regular lines, so the scammers (I'm looking at you, Bay Area scammer crew, you know who you are) cannot jump the lines or "invite" 30 of their friends to cut the lines while the rest of us wait on line patiently.

2. To cut down on the vagabond elements, maybe they need to have everyone who pulls up to the lot show their tickets - no ticket, no parking. If you wanna vend or hang in the lot that's totally cool, but if you don't have a ticket you're already disrespecting the band's wishes so maybe that's one way to begin cutting down on people showing up in hoards without tickets or money or way to support their basic needs. I know these ideas might sound a bit harsh but a small and growing group of people are really starting to put a damper on some of these venues and that's not okay.

Other suggestions???
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Re: No More Monterey?

#72517 3 years ago
Union Pacific, out of Cheyenne, from sea to shining sea
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Re: No More Monterey?

#72522 3 years ago
Everytime we give away a miracle, or provide in anyway to the free-loading part of the scene we feed it, making us part of the problem. Sadly, part of sister and brotherhood community of sharing draws to it those that come empty-handed and only take.
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Re: No More Monterey?

#72532 3 years ago
I made it late to the first night in Monterey and was dumbfounded by how many people seemed completley content to just hang outside on the dirty street drinkin an whatnot. I was craning my ears to hear Candyman and most people were just lazing about talking to each other and mostly ignoring the fact that the reason we should all be there was on the other side of the fence. If i couldn't make it in a show i guarntee i would be posted up in the best audible spot away from the wasted crusties trying to hear as much as I could, maybe its a safety in numbers thing iono. If i was Monterey i wouldn't want that crowd back and if that meant the band as well, then i would prolly have to say good bye to them too On a positive note I thought the securtiy was mostly laidback and the po po's weren't buggin too hard. Loved the venue and wish i could see it happen again but I dunno if the city will be down.
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Re: No More Monterey?

#72533 3 years ago
PsychicPyramid wrote:

Agreed, this is nothing new. If everyone cleaned up after themselves things would be a lot better. Their are lots of vendors on tour and many of us have trash bags and bags for recycling. There is no reason that anyone should be trashing any place the band goes.

Re: No More Monterey?

#72677 3 years ago
Its gotta be a tough call. If you don't let people without tix in the lot, the will be loitering in town.

Seems like Monterey showed a great deal of tolerance and hospitality but they won't be again because of folks who take advantage and have no respect.

Once again, I have huge respect for the band for keeping it going as long as there are still people who appreciate what they are doing truly.

Little do all the folks who spend the whole show masturbating with their shiny technology know, they are spelling the end of an era. So few real venues for real creative expression of live music left.

Soon, they'll all be sitting watching canned shit through a two dimensional portal to a contrived reality.
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Re: No More Monterey?

#72684 3 years ago
Leave nothing but footprints, or there will be no footprints to leave.
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Re: No More Monterey?

#72694 3 years ago
"if we dont police ourselves the police will"
i hate to say it, really hate to say it, groupying aftra aband that you cant afford tickets to, and fukin up the scene is what is what gona make furthur stop touring. too many fukin punks in the lots.
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Re: No More Monterey?

#72708 3 years ago
First off the scene will never be anything like 1995 again. If anyone thinks it is close they weren't there. I was at Deer Creek ( had a ticket) and it was nuts. Sometimes u would get 70,000 people showing up. Furthur is not even selling 1/4 that many tickets.

This whole argument is getting my goat. I vend, and do go into the shows. I get tired of hearing how vendors and artisans are ruining the scene. The only thing that seems to create problems is the nitrous tanks on lot. If cystic would stop buying $10-$20 balloons they would go away.

As far as policing goes I don't see anything worse on lot than at a college football tailgate. The only difference is the style of dress, and a lot less love.
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Re: No More Monterey?

#72755 3 years ago
^^ I agree, although the only lot scene I experienced so far this year is RR. Which I thought was fine. I think I only heard a tank pop off once, and when the people i was around heard it.. no one seemed excited about it.
Last year at red rocks was a dif. story.. IMHO. I personally thought there was a lot more dirty tour rat junkie types, energy all around seemed very low even inside the show.. (I was only at the first night) and at one point in the second set all I could smell in the air was DMT for like 15 minutes. Not a pleasant experience in my opinion...

This years lot scene seemed a lot more energetic, clean, and consciously aware. I know that probably changes in dif. areas of the country. I plan on hitting a few more shows this year so it will be very interesting to observe the different scenes. I have a lot of fun people watching in the lot.

I love 90% of the people at a dead show.. its just a shame there is that 10% that you cant really trust, and mess things up for the rest of us music lovers.
In the end theres just a song.. Its cryin' down the wind!
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