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Mail order

#72183 3 years ago
Sent this morning. Is there any way to follow up and find out if it's getting filled other than just waiting? I'm not very good at waiting.

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Re: Mail order

#72189 3 years ago
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You'll have to wait until they arrive in the mail. That's what I don't like about mail order. It's a pretty slow process.
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Re: Mail order

#72193 3 years ago
We will receive emails in the next 2-3 weeks telling us what our chances of getting tickets are. It will say something like 1 in 2 people will get tickets for the 12/31 show. It may just say that everybody who sent in for Mail Order will receive tickets. If it says that not everybody will receive tickets, then wait a couple of days and call them or email them to confirm whether you got shut out. They will mail you back your M.O. as soon as it is determined who's in and who's out.

Just make sure that you are on their email list. If you sent in your request today (Saturday) you should rest easy...you WILL get in!!
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