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Walk in the Sunshine
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We just might do this

#71717 3 years ago
I had a lifelong dream of making it to Red Rocks.... ck mark on the bucket list as of 2 weeks ago .. I've also had a lifelong dream of makin it to SF for NYE shows (east coast tour head 81-present). Granted no Jerry but close enough to pretend. Booked the suggested hotel in the other thread...looking into airfare.... let me pull out my only live once file..... the fact its thurs-fri-sat also helps... geeze that will just leave Eugene, the gorge, & hawaai & Alaskan shows on da list.
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Re: We just might do this

#71725 3 years ago
Congrats. I have a similar bucket list to you but this year was my second year at Red Rocks. Last year was my first NYE, it was awesome. You are gonna have a blast.

Luckily I have family in the bay area, makes it way easier for me to do shows there. All I have to do is buy the tickets and I'll go up there for xmas and stay the week.

Gorge and Cuthbert still yet to happen. I don't see Hawaii or Alaska happening but we can dream. Came within 300 miles of Cuthbert this year but no dice. Oh well.
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Re: We just might do this

#71729 3 years ago
Since the Hawaii and Alaska shows will likely never happen you might as well go for it.
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Re: We just might do this

#71730 3 years ago
Do it Walk In Sunshine!!!

I started my bucket list a few months ago and only have two more things to cross off the list after the NYE run! New York show and Colorado (Red Rocks)

Then it will be time to start another bucket list!
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Re: We just might do this

#71731 3 years ago
I hope to see you there. I guess I'm lucky to live here in the bay. My list still has Eugene and red rocks and msg. Next year for sure Eugene. I've been to a lot of nye shows and you will not be disappointed.
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Re: We just might do this

#71981 3 years ago
I decided early september to make my virgin trip to redrocks from the east coast. IT IS THE COOLEST PLACE I'VE EVER SEEN A SHOW AND CANT WAIT TO GO BACK NEXT YEAR. I've seen the Dead east coast, southeast, midwest 70-75 shows.
I can only imagine what it was like to see Jerry on stage at red rocks, You should definitely go.

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Re: We just might do this

#71988 3 years ago
I also have/had a similar list the only one left is Eugene I did Th Gorge in 09 w/ The Dead, Allmans and Doobies absolutely beautiful venue a definate must for all. Wanted to do Eugene this but was holding out for NYE because I had so much fun last year.
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