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51 years ago today baseball fans MUST SEE time cap

#71395 3 years ago
This is WITS So much to say here I'll do my best to be brief. I was born in 1965 in Pittsburgh and growing up this is THE game all the adults would always talk about as "the greatest game in baseball history". The greatest moment in Pittsburgh sports (modern era) history. ( this is pre Steelers Super Bowl when they were the laughing stock of the league). Believe it or not networks at that time did not save their film of the games. It was thought to be lost to history forever- except for a short clip of the home run. Here is the full story:

Chances are, as baseball fans, we've probably all seen the grainy newsreel highlights of Bill Mazeroski's home run from Game 7 of the 1960 World Series -- the culmination of a game considered by many the greatest in the sport's history.

Now, thanks to Bing Crosby of all people, we'll get a chance to watch that seminal contest in its entirety, the New York Times reports.

The legendary crooner -- who had an ownership share in the Pirates -- commissioned a kinescope recording of Game 7 of that Pirates-Yankees World Series. It seems he was so nervous about the series he headed off to Paris with his wife, for fear that he would jinx the Bucs by sticking around stateside and actually watching the games. But he took precautions, in the form of five reels of film that captured NBC's television broadcast, to ensure he'd be able to watch his beloved team later on without fear of a jinx.

Crosby, who died in 1977, did watch the game after returning from Paris, and the film ended up in his wine cellar along with numerous other reels that included home movies and sports instructional films.

There they sat, apparently untouched and unnoticed, until Robert Bader of Bing Crosby Enterprises -- who was going through clips of old Crosby TV specials for a planned DVD -- stumbled across the World Series reels in December. He put them on a projector and found a "near pristine" reproduction of the NBC broadcast by Mel Allen and Bob Prince.

The 16-millimeter film was transferred to DVD, and MLB Network plans to show the game broadcast in its entirety for the first time this offseason.

Me again- Anyway I heard about this and a big screening they did last summer for the 50th anniversary with Mazeroski in attendance. Forgot about it..perusing ebay I see its for sale for 10 bux or so. I jump on it. We watched it a few nights ago and it send shivers down my spine. To actually see Roger Maris, Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra, Roberto Clemente and so many others legends playing a full game was baseball nirvana for those of us who weren't around then. On top of that the crowd shots are awesome-- everyone dressed up in their Sunday finest ties jackets for most men and fancy hats and dresses for the ladies. (this was before them damn hippies destroyed the dress code!!!! HAHAHA). The game itself is awesome with tons of momentum swings. I actually have a pristine ticket from this game as well as a game two stub my dad used to go to that game. Anyway its titled "Baseballs Greatest Games 1960 World Series Game Seven".. I should also note the pirates were massive underdogs as the yanks line up was filled with hall of famers. Also the Yanks outscored the bucs over the series by a ridiculous amount winning 16-0... while the pirates wins were all by a small margin. Anyway I highly reccomend this video....and here is the home run shot in all its glory:

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Re: 51 years ago today baseball fans MUST SEE time cap

#71398 3 years ago
Leaves you wondering if he ever touched home plate.
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Re: 51 years ago today baseball fans MUST SEE time cap

#71466 3 years ago
Sorry I gotta bump this -- its the one day of the year when I can be proud of the fact I'm a Pirates fan. We are currently the owner of the longest number of consecutive losing seasons by any pro team in the major sports in America. The bucs are essentially a never ending AAA farm team for the big $$ boys.
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