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T for 4th of July....

#71269 3 years ago
Jack Straw 7/4/81

this is hilarious.... talk about a lyric flub..... Bob goes "T for Texas, T for....... 4th of jullllyyyyyy"

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Re: T for 4th of July....

#71287 3 years ago
hahaha that is seriously funny, and a good sounding show too!
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Re: T for 4th of July....

#71336 3 years ago
This was one of my first long distance tours hitch hiking from New York across the country seeing dead shows. I looked foward to hearing those lyrics and bob flubbed em bad. You really got to love these guys!
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Re: T for 4th of July....

#71386 3 years ago
Sometimes Bob forgets where he is. Once at Merriweather in the 80's he sang, "T right here for wherever we are". He's a musician, not a geographer.
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