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Smiley from Texas
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Re: Summer Tour 2011 Predictons!!!

#7427 3 years ago
johnnyhub wrote:
So many killer venues and states they have completely forgotten with their ridiculous $$$$ NY goggles....

New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Louisiana, Oregon, Washington State, B.C.... So many great summer venues to hit that they have dropped and replaced with 5 show runs in Urban NY..

Nothing but LAME!!!!!!!!!!

Furthur need to hire Ratdog's old tour manager, or WSP's.. They throw killer tours..

..sorry I keep negative ranting..... It's just I LOVE the music & shows they've been putting together. Their blowing minds again. Too bad it's so concentrated in such a dinky urban area.... Let's get this music up in the mountains and out in the forests out west!!!!

Yeah im all for shows in the states you mentioned.. I mean there are heads that live in these states also. Not just New York haha.

dont get me wrong i love going to NY for shows. But the congestion of the city is too much for myself. and also the state is just really costly to stay in.
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Re: Summer Tour 2011 Predictons!!!

#7428 3 years ago
3 Day Run at Alpine Valley, with special guest, Snoop Doggy Dog.
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But then again....I'd rather be a kind lovin' hippy and listen to the best music possible!
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Re: Summer Tour 2011 Predictons!!!

#7435 3 years ago
Lets just be Grateful that they do tour. You never know when or where the bus will stop.
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Re: Summer Tour 2011 Predictons!!!

#7445 3 years ago
Johnny, the problem with the West is...it's the West. It's spread out, sparsely populated and tough to book gigs that will sell well and be reasonably close together. Not to mention multi night runs.

Phil is 71 ya know.

Who knows, maybe they can play the Austin City Limits Fest in Sept and continue on from there to end in LA.
Chris Smith
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Re: Summer Tour 2011 Predictons!!!

#7447 3 years ago
I am really hoping that they will do Alpine Valley this year. They have not played alpine in a long time and it is hands down one of the best sounding aphitheaters in the US. Alpine deserves to be rocked by Further.
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Re: Summer Tour 2011 Predictons!!!

#7488 3 years ago
Gelston Castle in Mohawk was a blast last summer - great camping, great scene, lots of good vibes + beautiful views of Mohawk Valley.
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Re: Summer Tour 2011 Predictons!!!

#7489 3 years ago
MCU Park please. What a blast that weekend was, if anyone had a bad time at those shows I'd be surprised.
Grateful fredhead
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Re: Summer Tour 2011 Predictons!!!

#7524 3 years ago
Lowell , ma would be awsome there was something about that whole day that was so awsome .
everything was align right .
But please do more than one , cause one is just a tease .
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Re: Summer Tour 2011 Predictons!!!

#7530 3 years ago
Lowell was a sweet show but they were not prepared for the traffic at all, I moved about a mile in an hour and a half going to park......and they had this big huge parking garage right near the place that wasn't even being used! what was up with that?

Everybody complains about tickets prices......I don't know many cheaper bands to see except maybe local or unknown ones, and considering the show these guys put on, there worth every penny I pay!

I paid under 100 bux for front row at Wallingford, any other popular band would of been 200+....

Also whos to say theres only doing long runs in small places?? ........incase nobody has been paying attention - every one of there tours is pretty damn different, the current one is mostly small venues while the last was big arenas and last summer was a good mix of ballpark and other outdoor venues.......

Why, or should I say HOW are you people complaining??? enless your out west or middle of country then I understand but come on, complaining about prices???

The way I see it......the cheaper the price, the more people you get at shows that don't care about the music!

I'd rather be surrounded by good vibes at the shows and people that don't talk through every quiet part then to have cheap tickets and be next to a bunch of people looking to get fucked up and not into the music.....

As always, I mean no offense to anybody with anything that I say...
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Re: Summer Tour 2011 Predictons!!!

#7532 3 years ago

Try living in the Pacific Northwest! Where we have to travel long distances for most shows.
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