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dream setlist for the GD spanning all eras

#70702 3 years ago
the thread about the dream furthur setlist got me thinking about what everyone's dream GD setlist would be spanning all the eras and even including specific versions of songs. 8-10 songs for the 1st set and a reasonable 2nd set and encore of 1-3 songs

i think mine would be:

Set 1

Wave that flag- '73(before it switched over to US Blues)
Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu- '72
Me and My Uncle- '71ish
Looks Like Rain- '80s with bobby really wailing on the vocals at the end
Althea- 3/28/81
Playin> - really spaced out from the early days
Hard to Handle> - '71; specifically 8/6/71
Playin' Reprise>
Lovelight- Pigpen version

Set 2
Scarlet>Fire- '77
Eyes> - '73-'74
Good Lovin> - early '70s pigpen style
Shakedown St> - '78
Dark Star> -'69- early '70s
Dark Star>
The Other One> - earlier spaced out version
China>Rider- '72
Terrapin Station- may '77

Katie Mae
Box Of Rain
Lazy River Road
People joining hand in hand while the music plays the band
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