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alive and well

#70544 3 years ago
well sorry for no update no interent since the platy left, he had the mobile hot spot...in san francisco now...tour was absolutely killer...i don't think we could have had things go any smoother considering all circumstances, thanks to all for the wishes and vibes toward our safe journey, along with the spirits you guys gave us life and energy...overall we had a pretty good crew, we really basked in the glory in monterey, our energy reaching new peaks as well as our appreciation for each other and the memories we will have...glad i was able to meet some of you from the forum, hope you all enjoyed the shows as much as i did..i could go on and on about stuff...i think furthur is a great band they sound really fantastic, bob deteriorated by the end of the tour..i don't foresee many november shows for me...despite their large use of the catalog, they kind of pooped out at the end and repeated a bunch of songs you can't get away from with this band..the community seems strong and i am glad i have been a part of it since the very beginning of this lineup, see you on new years?
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Re: alive and well

#70550 3 years ago
wlewis wrote:
in san francisco now...

If you get the chance check out the Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theatre, and bring lots of cash.

wlewis wrote:
i don't foresee many november shows for me...

Yeah, right.
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Re: alive and well

#70553 3 years ago

Thanks for the update.
See you NYE?
PM me. We will be there.

your Friend Paige
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Re: alive and well

#70556 3 years ago
Thank you for all the updates reviews and comedy from the front lines. Sorry you won't be going east this November. It was. Nice to meet some of you guys in Vegas. See ya on new years.
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Re: alive and well

#70557 3 years ago
was so nice to meet you and the others on the Golden Arrow!! can't wait till NYE is posted, i will be there!!
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Re: alive and well

#70627 3 years ago
See you nye for sure!
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Re: alive and well

#70675 3 years ago
What a long strange trip its been?
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Re: alive and well

#70690 3 years ago
I was just saying to a friend tonight, "there was this guy on this site and Philzone that's kind of disappeared...I really hope he's OK..." Sure enough, there you are. Even with not knowing you, I'm glad you're alright

Fall tour...you'll have syracuse, buffalo, and now albany. The best is yet to come...

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Re: alive and well

#70769 3 years ago
thanks again ya'll, i want to do NYE bad, but flights are like 550 minimum right now from buffalo to san francisco...i'll figure something out, charlene won't make another trip out west comfortably.. she is approaching 220,000 miles...but i will be there, surprisingly in over 250 shows since 2002 i've never seen a NYE show, for any band..

steve i appreciate your concern, but without the internet on the RV it was impossible to find time/connection to make it happen..

i am ALIVE AND WELL leaving frisco in the morning, and then taking my sweet ass time driving back east, with a definite stop in boulder to hang with some friends i didn't have much time for during red rocks..

maybe i'll post some reviews tonight
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