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Monterey after thought

#70374 3 years ago
Well I had a really great time at these two shows. I'm not the best show review writer. I thought last night was better than the first. Last nights highlight for me was morning dew. I thought JK gave it his all. Althea was good too. The place was super packed. Inside vendors had the best stuff to buy. These vendors are getting really crafty. The baby clothes are so cute. I mean you have to bring at least a hundred dollars for souvenirs. The vibe was bright all weekend. I already miss all my new friends and neighbors from the show. Thought Bobby on vocals sounded crisp. Jeffs getting down on the keys better and better. Shakedown was a little funky. I really enjoyed truckin. The lead up to that was intense. The whole weekend was exactly what I needed. Couch touring for the last two months is fun but I needed a good party. I didn't want to take and mushrooms or LSD so I smoked some weed and I usually never smoke. I got so freaking high that I though maybe someone dosed me.smoking weed actully took me there. On the way home I listened to jgb and it reminded though that I will never here something like that again. As much as I love JK and his playing he will never be able to recreate Jerry. Can't wait now til nye now.
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Re: Monterey after thought

#70375 3 years ago
Great review. I love it.
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Re: Monterey after thought

#70378 3 years ago
"You're review was eggcellent!!"
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