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Lead Heads

#70352 3 years ago
I'm sure a lot of you have heard of these kids (they've appeared on Tales From The Golden Road.) They're all 13-15 years old. Makes me jealous as hell to see how talented they are. This kid Corby is the next John K.

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Re: Lead Heads

#70369 3 years ago
ShakedownSteve wrote:
This kid Corby is the next John K.

LOL! Yeah, he has a bright musical career ahead impersonating an impersonator.
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Re: Lead Heads

#70377 3 years ago
They must have super controlling parents.

It would be better to encourage his creativity and get him to create original music...

Otherwise he'll be doomed to performing in cover bands his whole life.
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Re: Lead Heads

#70382 3 years ago
Gotta admit, that kid on lead guitar is pretty good on the Jerry licks....and he's just a baby. At least if he gets a good technical base, he, they, will get creative in time. It sure looks like they're having fun playing dead... aren't we all though? Who can blame em??
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Re: Lead Heads

#70384 3 years ago
The Grateful Dead started as a cover band too. They just so happened to play the ACID TESTS. go for it boys. Shred face. Keep the flame of GD music alive. So happy to see young kids diggin GD with all the wookery around.
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Re: Lead Heads

#70475 3 years ago
pretty much all rock and roll was ripped off from somebody else so go for it
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