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Jeff C. appriciation V. 2.0

#69752 3 years ago
listening to some of the west coast showss and damn the man is on fire!
now that bob has morphed into jerry with the grey beard and all, jeff can be the new "cute guy" in the band for all the chicks to go gaga over(at least thats what you can tell natasha, wink wink nudge nudge)
i think bobs wife natasha miracled me into a ratdog show once. there was a very stuning lady outside a show i believe in columbus oh, in like 01, hell i dont know, but anyway, it was when ratdog was opening for phil and friends on some summer shed tour shows, and she was handin out tickets to anyone that needed one. i think i was the only person that reconized her, and i didnt say anything to her except thanks, cause you know, i didnt want to her being "outed". hell it might have just been some rich lady who bought a bunch of extra tickets to give away, but i have seen pics of their wedding and it looked dead on like her.
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