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Re: Drugs are bad mkay

#69987 2 years, 11 months ago
I've heard that joke for Phish guess it applies to a lot of bands lol. I love south park "random episode" function. That show just keeps getting better Wednesday's show was great.
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Re: Drugs are bad mkay

#69994 2 years, 11 months ago
We're all just like one big individual.
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Re: Drugs are bad mkay

#70128 2 years, 11 months ago
Q: Why do deadheads swirl their arms when they dance?
A: To keep the music out of their eyes.
.....nine mile skid on a ten mile ride
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Re: Drugs are bad mkay

#70153 2 years, 11 months ago
This girl went to a Dead show with terrible tickets. She could barely even see the stage. Once the show began, she noticed an empty seat waaaaay in the front. She slowly made her way towards the stage, dodging ticket checkers left and right, and finally reached the empty seat. She was so close that Bobby could have spit on her. At the set break, she told the guy next to her that she couldn't believe that someone had given up such an incredible seat. The guy said, "Well, my wife and I had tickets to this show together, but she passed away." She said, "I'm so sorry. Couldn't you find someone else to come to the show with you, a friend or a relative or something?" The guy replied, "Nah. They're all at her funeral today."
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Re: Drugs are bad mkay

#70209 2 years, 11 months ago
[quote="captaintony" post=69983]MushroomMan wrote:
NewHampshireJed wrote:
hahaha, this is great stuff.

kind of on the same level i heard a joke that probably you guys have known for years but i just heard the other day.

"What did one dead head say to the other when they ran out of weed"?


this music sucks. ?????[/quot

Could this be in some correlation to the vending scene outside? Could the situation have deteriorated to the point where someone complained about the outside vending, so it might drive the business inside? Of all places. When you try to control business like that, you run the risk of having negative consequences. Greed goes a long way, sometimes even into the kind folks world, sadly.

By shutting down outside vending you run the risk of ruining a large part of the party. If you take away so much, you could kill the beast that feeds you, and everyone else. Its a community, and the love and kindness is real to me dammit.

Vending is what makes these shows so different from other bands. Its part of the party, and we love it.

Hahaha yes captain thank you!
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Re: Drugs are bad mkay

#70210 2 years, 11 months ago
awesome episode, still love the show, i don't have dvr yet, so i'm home wed. 10:00 for new episodes
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