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Re: Cool article about being a Deadhead at work

#69781 3 years ago
i used to have a mini-furthur van back in the '80's that was totally festooned with stickers. i got pulled over once, but when i rolled down my window, the cop just wanted to know where i'd gotten a certain sticker. of course, this was in mill valley, marin county, planet freak...

i always found it antithetical to what being a deadhead meant to me to drag a razor across my throat and voluntarily put a noose over my neck every morning to signal my submission to the system. luckily, i was able to make a living w/o having to do so, but i think if you choose to walk that thin line, you shouldn't be surprised when the ignorant tug on it...
life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans - j. lennon
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