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delayed ticket delivery

#6952 3 years, 6 months ago
we just picked up our tickets at the fed-ex office for tomorrow nights show.

i don’t care whose fault it is, frontgate, furthur, makes no difference. having the tickets delivered less than ten days prior to the show is just rude and a poor way of doing business. frontgate repeatedly changed the delivery date which also makes planning a challenge.

furthur (phil, jill, whomever) you know people travel to see your shows, why is this arrangement acceptable to you? we left home with a good number of our tickets not yet being shipped. why would you want to make it so very difficult to tour? the additional time and expense is quite frustrating. essentially we paid double shipping to get the tickets. were today not a day off i would have been freaking out all the way from pittsburgh.

furthur please try to get the tickets out to people in time to travel to future tours.

thank you
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